Shane Gooseman


Shane Gooseman
Name Shane Gooseman
Alias Goose, Gooseman, Galaxy Stranger, Runt, Changeling
Species Supertrooper
Age 19
Status Series 5 Ranger
Education Wolfden Military Training Camp
Ability Bio Defenses, Series 5 Implant
Origin Test-Tube


Single (but he has quite a way with the ladies). Blond, green eyes. Nineteen. No parents. Born as part of a failed genetic experiment conducted by Joseph Walsh and Doctor Owen Negata. Their attempt at creating the perfect genetically enhanced soldiers went horribly awry when an overzealous and utterly stupid senator decided to speed the mutation process along with a highly unstable chemical (now called Supertrooper Juice) which drove the Supertroopers insane. Most were trapped and are in cryogenic chambers. A few escaped (Ryker Killbane, Brainchild, Darkstar, Stingray, to name a few).

Shane was spared the cryogenic coffins on one condition - that he enlist in the Rangers. Of course, Mandell had strings attached. "Because of his background as a Supertrooper, the Board of Leaders didn't really trust him. The only way they could let him become a Galaxy Ranger was if he became a bounty hunter and went out and brought all the other Supertroopers back in. His conflict then is that he has to capture all his friends--dead or alive. Of course, that fit so well into our Western theme."

Shane's implant activates bio-defenses designed into him. It allows him the ability to heal some of his battle wounds, and gives him limited shape-shifting ability. (always a biped, same general mass). Aside from the implant, though, Shane is an expert marksman with any sort of blaster. In a fight, he often has a blaster in each hand. Looking something like a mix of Johnny Cage and a young Clint Eastwood, Shane is blonde with green eyes. He's single, and is something of a rake. The only Ranger with an established age, "Gift of Life" establishes him as 19.

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FanFic Note

  • Robert Mandell had planned for Shane and Zachary to "be in direct conflict." However, the idea kind of fizzled out. By "Lord of the Sands," the two managed to work out their major differences.

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