Renegade Rangers



The Rangers pretend to go bad in order to infiltrate the Black Hole Gang, who are going to try to attack the Longshot research facility. Goose is charged with keeping Daisy O'Mega, then leader of the group of outlaws, distracted after she makes it plain she is attracted to him. They are planning a trap at Longshot, but MaCross, who wanted Daisy for himself, and hates Goose anyway, finds out the plot and mucks up that plan.

Note: This is the second episode where Niko gets shot for Shane, though this time she was saving his and Daisy's lives. There are also some great looks traded in this one.

**** While we're getting a proper entry for this episode, check out the actual screenplay for the episode courtesy of Cy Voris and scanned by Lee T.


The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
"Renegade Rangers"
by Cy Voris

The following is a complete screenplay for the "Renegade Rangers" episode as gifted to us by Cy Voris.