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Disclaimer is a non-profit fan site dedicated to the cartoon The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. It was started in November, 1999, by members of the Ranger-L mailing list. sincerely thanks the following people for their effort in putting this site together: Bruinhilda, Fatima, Rabbi Bob, Xander, DanF, Mel, CGfWiG, Megaman, LadyNiko, Master Kaymo, Jim T., Lee T., and Greg W.

And a very special thanks to Mr. Robert Mandell for sharing this fantastic universe with us!



Disclaimer is strictly a non-profit organization (we are Org, are we not?).

All characters, images, sounds & the Galaxy Rangers name are trademarks owned by the Gaylord Group. Hearst Entertainment owns distribution rights to the existing Rangers episodes.

This site is nothing more than a tribute to what We feel was a quality show.

We hope you enjoy it.

Site content credits to CGfWiG (The GRCD1 compiler).

Special 'Thanks' to the following for making this great show possible...

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Disclaimer: This work is not meant to infringe upon the rights of Gaylord Production Co., Transcom Media, Inc. or ITF Enterprises Inc. This is a not for profit fan publication.

The work includes many contributions from people of the Galaxy Rangers Mailinglist. Also here applies the same as above: This work is not meant to infringe upon the rights of anyone there, no guts, no glory, eh?

Finally to the small part I did. I hereby declare my part of this work public domain, with the following restrictions:

You may not copy it for profit. If you wonder how I define profit, read the GNU public license.