More later (tagging for additional): The GRCD1 was a compilation of material from GR fans and put together by CGfWiG.

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CD covers


Robert Mandell 
     ... who really started it all ... 
     for starting the Galaxy Ranger Mailing list and for her Episode Guide 
Ray 'Megaman' Hashman 
     for many Real Videos 
The Evil Writing Crew 
     for the tons of fan-fiction 
All Linux Developers 
     for giving me an environment to work with 
and many others 
     for keeping quiet even though their contributions were not mentioned here :) 


Amy Hanna

Ann-Kathrin Kniggendorf



Carolina Diana 'Ariel' von Totth

Daniel C. Sobral

Elizabeth 'Fatima' Bales

Galaxy Rangers Mailinglist

Greg Gordon

Heidi Reckel


Jessica 'Allronix' Krucek

Jill Weber

Kat 'Bruinhilda' Anderson

Kat 'Bruinhilda' Anderson and Dave 'Skyefire' McMillan


Paul Browne

Perrin Rynning

Richard Ryley

Sam Newell


Silvre Wolf


Tim 'Chiang-ku' Morisson


  1. The Top 10+ Things the Rangers Don't Want to Hear
  2. You know you're a Galaxy Rangers Fan when
  3. The Rangers' Top 10 Survival Tips
  4. The Top 10 Nagging Little Questions of GR
  5. The 10 Companies We Hope Never Get the Rights to the Galaxy Rangers
  6. Why the Galaxy Rangers are Better Than the Power Rangers
  7. The 10+ things the Queen of the Crown does not want you to know...
  8. The Galaxy Ranger Excuse Shirt
  9. What They Said
  10. Top 10 Signs Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend is a Supertrooper
  11. Rationalizations for Being a Galaxy Ranger
  12. Rationalizations for Being a Member of the Series 5 Team
  13. Rationalizations for Being a Crown Trooper
  14. Rationalizations for Being a Slaverlord
  15. Rationalizations for Being a Supertrooper
  16. Rationalizations for Joining the Black Hole Gang
  17. Rationalizations for Insulting Senator Wheiner
  18. Thinks we'd like to see happen to Senator Wheiner
  19. The nth thing after Phoenix that BETA sent to me
  20. The nth thing during Chrysalis the authors gave to me


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1999-07-30: Started to split CD1/CD2. CD1/dir stands for CD1, CD2/dir stands for CD2.
            - "all content" to CD 1
            - moved Real Videos to CD 2
            - moved Software to CD 2
            - moved the 3 AVIs from original_stuff/pictures to CD2/original_stuff/avis
            - moved all midi/waves/mp3s to CD2/original_stuff/sounds (or sounds/german_eps)
            - copied rangers_are_forever.wav, song_no_guts_no_glory.wav and intro_complete.wav
              back to CD1/original_stuff/sounds (so they're on both CDs now, as they're used in
              the HTML-background-sounds)
            - sorted the sounds on CD2 into directorys according to their type: sounds/wav,
              sounds/mp3, sounds/midi. sounds/german_eps remained untouched.
            - HTML-Coding for the changes has not been started yet!
1999-07-30: grabbed more sounds from the web (Rabbi Bobs Sound Archive and Bruinhild's Boxes were completely emptied). The files were put under sounds/* according to their type. index.html was not updated yet.
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1999-08-07: CD1/original_stuff/sounds/wav sounds/sounds_by_character: started to sort, rename & delete doublettes
1999-08-08: CD1/original_stuff/pictures/index_by*.html: sorted in the images starting with "a".
1999-08-09: CD2/original_stuff/avis/index.html created
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1999-08-09: CD1/original_stuff/pictures/index_by*.html: sorted in the images starting with "b", completed navigational structure for "by_episode", added most locations
1999-08-09: CD1/story_guide/episode_guide.html: deleted the links to the real-videos, as they are on a different CD now and don't work anymore anyway.
1999-08-14: CD1/fan_fiction/last_syllable/* added, index.html adjusted
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1999-09-03: CD1/small_badge.gif & CD2/small_badge.gif added, gif is transparent and shall be used instead of the old small_badge*.jpg-files. Changed most HTML-Files linking to small_badge.jpg, didn't touch the bios-HTML-Files...
1999-09-09: CD1/original_stuff/pictures/index_by*.html: sorted in the images starting with "t", more characters and locations (neverending story?)
1999-09-14: CD1/fan_fiction/other_texts/goosemanvideo.rm: added, index.html adjusted
1999-09-15: CD1/story_guide/episode_guide.html: added info to "Boomtown"
1999-09-15: CD1/original_stuff/pictures/contest/* created, index_by_contest.html adjusted
1999-09-15: CD1/original_stuff/items/meals/* created, index.html adjusted
1999-09-15: CD1/original_stuff/pictures/index_by*.html: sorted the remaining images, quickindex for characters missing!
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