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Credits Listing

Copyright 1986 Gaylord Production Co. Transcom Media, Inc. and ITF Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Adventures of the Galaxy Ranger Production Credits

Produced by
Robert Mandell

Executive Producer
Abe Mandell

Animation and Technical Director
David Gregg

Associate Producer
Eleanor Kearney

Dialogue Recording Supervision
Peter Fernandez

Story Editors
Owen Lock
Christopher Rowley

Henry Beck
Robert Mandell
Veronica Chapman
John Rawlins
Brian Daley
Lucia Robson
Laurel Davis
Christopher Rowley
Tom De Haven
Shelly Shapiro
Mick Farren
Josepha Sherman
Daniel Fiorella
Cy Voris
James Luceno
Lance Strate [1]
Zev Shlasinger [2][3][4][5]
Bill Wright[6]

Music by
Phil Galdston and John Van Tongeren

Additional Music by
Peter Wetzler

Character Voices
Robert Bottone
Alexander Marshall
Maia Danziger
Corinne Orr
Laura Dean
Jerry Orbach
Earl Hammond
Ray Owens
Hubert Kelly
Doug Preis
Henry Mandell
Lucy Martin[7]
Sandy Marshall[8]

Series Designers
Edward D. Lee
Ray Shenusay

Animation by
Masaaki Endo[9]
Yoshiteru "Torajirou" Tsujino[10]
Sunao Katabuchi[11]


Storyboard Artists
Joe Barruso
Thomas McLaughlin, Jr.
Edward Bocanegra
Laslo N. Nosek
Walter Brogan
David W. Rosler
Mark Chiarello
Glen A. Schofield
Alfred De Rose
Alex Stevens
Nicholas Filippi
Cy Voris
Brad Fox
James Wheelock
James Glenn, Jr.
Dennis Woodyard
Curtis King, Jr.
Bill Wright
Kenneth Landgraf [12]
Larry Rosenthal [13]

Video Tape Editors
Ralph Galli, Jr.
Brian Mattlin

Sound Engineering
Judy Elliott-Brown
David Jensen
Daniel Mundhenk
John Quinn
Bob Vogt [14]

Pre Production
Peter Rosen [15]

Post Production
Joe Barruso
Asslam Kahn
Mark Chiarello
Edward D. Lee
Brad Fox
Shirley Oxby
Gunter Glinka
Raissa Roque

Production Assistants
Eric Hammond
Christopher B. Orbach

A Production of
In Association With
Distributed by ITF ENTERPRISES, INC.

Thomas M. Battista
Copyright 1986
Gaylord Production Co.
Transcom Media, Inc. and ITF Enterprises, Inc.
All Rights Reserved


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  2. Zev Shlasinger - Uncredited writer of Invasion Of The Toy Robots, which would later become Invasion
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  6. 2020 correspondence with Cyrus Voris - Also the episode (Changeling) where Goose infiltrates the space prison was actually written by BILL WRIGHT
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  14. Bob Vogt - Uncredited - see story
  15. Peter Rosen - Uncredited - see eBay Auction. I was involved in the pre-production phase of this production and worked with Robert Mandell, as well as building the loft space for the production in downtown Manhattan.