Series 6 Podcast Translator


If you're listening to the Series 6 Podcast and you can't keep track of the fun character name changes, don't worry, we've got you covered!

Series 6 Podcast Name Series Name Picture First Podcast Mention
Galactic Alliance Headquarters BETA Mountain BetaMountain.jpg 02
Miko Niko Niko-Bio.gif 02
Handlebars (Cmdr Huffy / Cmdr Mongoose Ep 8) Commander Joseph Walsh Walsh-Bio-Phoenix 109002671.png 02
Eyebrows Zachary Foxx Eyebrows.jpg 02
Stogres Stogres Stogre-Bio.jpg 03
McPossum MaCross Macross-Bio.jpg 03
Grappo Brappo Brappo-Bio.jpg 05
Stinky Pete
Cody 'Wildfire' Carson Cody Wildfire Carson-Bio.jpg 07
Double Dutch Commander Nat Blight Nat Blight Traash 020000001.png 10