Series 6 Podcast Translator


If you're listening to the Series 6 Podcast and you can't keep track of the fun character name changes, don't worry, we've got you covered! Occasionally the list will stray from characters depending on the item and RabbiBob will decide if a passing mention such as "Planet Purple Haze" makes the list.

Series 6 Podcast Name Series Name Picture First Podcast Mention
Galactic Alliance Headquarters BETA Mountain BetaMountain.jpg 02
Miko Niko Niko-Bio.gif 02
aka Cmdr Huffy Ep 8
aka Cmdr Mongoose Ep 8
aka Punkstache Ep 18
Commander Joseph Walsh Walsh-Bio-Phoenix 109002671.png 02
"aka" Steve Ep 13
Zachary Foxx Eyebrows.jpg 02
Stogres Stogres (Unnamed Species) Stogre-Bio.jpg 03
McPossum MaCross Macross-Bio.jpg 03
Grappo Brappo Brappo-Bio.jpg 05
Stinky Pete
Cody 'Wildfire' Carson Cody Wildfire Carson-Bio.jpg 07
Centurion Sanderson Sanderson-Bio.jpg 09
Bandana Miller Miller-Bio.jpg 09
Brown Pants Captain Kidd Kidd-Bio-Phoenix 037000000.png 10
Red Shirt Navigator Iron Falcon Traash-Navigator.gif 10
Double Dutch Commander Nat Blight Nat Blight Traash 020000001.png 10
Southern Bell Southern Bell (Unnamed Character) Traash 026000002.png 10
70's Green Arrow
Oliver Queen
Doctor Kruger Dr. Kruger-Bio-Mindnet 188000000.jpg 11
Bowling Trophy Mindnet Device (specifically the insert-able component) Traash 055000000.png 09
Tuned-Up [1] Tune-Up Ep 12 Tune-Up Banner.gif 12
Dobby Larry Larry-Bio.jpg 13
Goro Mogul Mogul-Bio.jpg 13
Godzuki Unnamed Blue Lizard (Lingorian) [2] Lingorian Blue.jpeg 14
Yeller, Holler\Screamer (Celerians) Flywheel\Killplex Progress Flywheel and Killplex.jpeg 14
Hulk Hogan Unnamed Purple Lizard Leader Lingorian Purple Leader.jpeg 14
Mayor Bourbon Burba Burba-Bio.jpg 15
Quint (Jaws)
aka 'Keytar'
Captain Emerson Maalox Space moby004.jpg 18


  1. After all the Longshot back and forth, I leave this here for Jay. You can do as you want with it. ;-)
  2. See origin of name in Did We Get Away With Murder or What?