Name Niko
Species Human
Age 24
Status Series 5 Ranger
Education PhD in Archaeology, former student of the Xanadu Circle of Thought and educated by Ariel.
Ability Telepathic, Telekinetic


No last name given. Long auburn hair, blue-green eyes. Early twenties, tops. She was raised on the haven world of Xanadu by Ariel, her teacher and mentor. Unknown parents, presumed dead. She is an amateur archaeologist, among other things. Her implant boosts her already considerable psi talents, allowing her to construct shields and amplifies her talent for clairvoyance and psychokinesis. She also knows Taekwon-Do and carries a very large gun. She and Shane Gooseman are fond of each other, and carry on an interesting, if extremely subdued, courtship (He is also involved with three other women).

Let's face it, she really does fancy Goose, but is much too shy about it (i.e.: She doesn't follow Maya's example and throw herself at him, or Annie's example, and just accept that he's her man, and snuggle out of the blue.). They flirt, and it's adorable. It's also damn frustrating, as this is a cartoon that hints but never really DELVES as far as romantic relationships are concerned. But make no mistake, the hints are there.

She is also an amateur archaeologist.

"Niko has been kind of a special character for us because we wanted a female lead who would be able to handle herself as well as the men," Robert Mandell remarked. We guess she was special, she appeared in 59 of the 65 episodes, more than any other character.

Visual Guide

From the GR Visual Guide:

Niko is a brilliant archaeologist specializing in the study of ancient alien cultures. She possesses limited precognition and psychoknesis. Her skills were first recognized when she wrote classically elegant reconstructions of long-vanished alien societies based on meager evidence from routine archaeological sites. Niko's powers can be amplified and controlled for short periods of time by BETA computers through her special implant. She must touch an object to perceive brilliant flashes of the past and the future. The stronger the charge, the stronger the power.
Niko was chosen by BETA to be a Galaxy Ranger not only because of her extraordinary talents, but also for her experience alien diplomacy and her incredible abilities as a fighter and pilot.
Being the only female among the Series Five Rangers, Niko is a focal character. Her strength, sensitivity and compassion bind the group together. She is single, and naturally, a light-hearted rivalry develops between the male leads for her attention.
Being a den mother to the group of three males and two aliens keeps her diplomatic skills finely honed. Her personality is the most consistent and mature of all the Rangers. Her attitude is always positive and optimistic, even in the face of tremendous adversity.
Niko's utility belt is equipped with a medical scanner, a radiation detector, and various probes and video recorders supplied by BETA and a consortium of universities interested in any data she might collect in her travels. Her mechanical horse, Voyager, also carries specialized sensor equipment.


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Licensing Packet

From the GR Licensing Packet:

Niko, age 24, M.Sc, M. Arc, PHD, IEEE, former student of the Xanadu Circle of Thought. When Niko's badge is activate, she can perceive brilliant images and insights from the past and the future.

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