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Galaxy Ranger Websites


Bureau of ExtraTerrestrial Affairs

AKK's website contains both fan fiction and fan art from as far back as 1995. At just shy of 400,000 words in the fanfic section alone, there is a lot of content for your viewing and, unlike a phone book, her site will keep you entertained! After 18+ years, her site has certainly grown up!


The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Guide

Tara O'Shea's website is probably the longest running Galaxy Ranger website still on the Internet. Much of her work online set the foundation for both the GRCD1 and BM1.0!

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The Series 6 Podcast

The Series 6 Podcast started in the summer of 2017 and features RD_Blade and Jay reviewing each and every episode of the series!


The Guild’s Ranger Page

Jessica's GR page would appear to be somewhat non-functional to the casual observer, but the key to uncovering some true gems of information, including images and fanfic, is back down to the root directory and then start poking around! Someone like good ole' Roy Macintyre would find some pleasure digging around that site!

Creator Sites

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