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Below you will find a full listing of the 65 episodes that appeared in the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers series, along with author and air-date. As a bonus, any episode with a BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif means there is a more in-depth review or retelling of the episode available. If there is an episode that does not have a badge and you want to review it, please contact us and let us know.


Episodes 01-10

Ep # Title Writer(s) Original Air-date Review Reviewer
01 Phoenix Robert Mandell September 14, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Review M.T. Bochs
The Queen has put a price on the heads of the new race, humans. Captain Kidd sets a trap, snares the Phoenix spaceship with the Foxx family and the Ambassadors Waldo & Zozo aboard. Jessica and Little Zach get away. Zach and Eliza end up captured, Eliza gets turned over to the Crown, the ambassadors bust Zach out, and he gets shot in the process.

Kidd then helps them get away, as the Queen has double crossed him on payment. Zach gets back to Earth, gets a bionic arm and leg, and the S5 implant. Commander Walsh creates the Series 5 team to help Zach recover his wife and the other humans captured by the Queen.
02 New Frontier Robert Mandell October 29, 1986
The Rangers go to Tortuna, looking for Captain Kidd, to find out what happened to Eliza. After escaping the Queens trap on Tortuna, Kidd leads them to the Queen's asteroid. They are captured by the Queen, but they can escape with Eliza's comatose body and rescue all the humans intact, but the other half of her psychocrystal is still in the hands of the Queen.
03 Tortuna Christopher Rowley September 15, 1986
Geezi is a snitch, and he has one of the Queen's memory birds (so she doesn't use disks for data storage and retrieval, okay?). The Rangers go back to Tortuna (this time undercover as Zanguils) to buy the bird from Geezi, and they learn about how the Queen has decimated the Gherkin race along the way. Doc almost gets turned into a slaver lord, but you gotta watch it to see how everyone gets away.
04 Chained Robert Mandell September 18, 1986
Goose has to transport MaCross to Earth for trial. Lucky, lucky guy. The Black Hole Gang has other ideas, as MaCross apparently hid a stash of Starstones before he was captured, and they want the stones and MaCross back. They attack Goose's interceptor while in hyperspace, and they come out WAY off course, and crash on the frontier planet Ozark. Annie O. finds them, and so do the gang. Goose promises to come back someday, Annie gives him a peck on the cheek, MaCross goes to prison.
05 Smugglers Gauntlet Brian Daley October 7, 1986
Someone has stolen the Supertrooper Juice formula, and it's up to the Rangers to find out who the mysterious "Overboss" is, before the Board of Leaders puts them out of commission.
06 Mistwalker Lucia Robson October 22, 1986
Zach and Zozo are sent to Biste-Fenokee to check up on Audra Miles, an anthropologist studying a aboriginal species on a world where nature is in complete control, and doesn't much like technology. Zach can't deal with the tribe's Shaman, Mistwalker, and is peeved because none of his devices work (bugs in 'em, literally), while the Black Hole Gang are looking for starstones, and aren't going to let any natives get in their way. This one has a great ending.
07 Wildfire Henry Beck September 23, 1986
On a transport-ship carrying explosives, the Rangers get a distress call from Cody Wildfire Carson, who remembers Zach from when he was just a kid. He's being chased by a Bad Guy called Garret who wants him dead for some crime or another, and asks for sanctuary, which Zach is forced to give. Cody tries to steal Shane's ship operated by Elma in one of the show's most memorable moments, where Elma zaps him and calmly replies "You, sir, are a boob.".
08 Ghost Station Lance Strate October 8, 1986
An artificial planetoid is heading straight for Earth on a collision course, so the Rangers and the ambassadors got try to stop it. A highly sophisticated computer is running the show, and its a horror picture. Using holography, SPECK (the computer) is trying to drive them off with one ghost story after another. Everybody splits into teams (horror movie mentality) to see who can get to the control room first. It seems SPECK was programmed by some long dead alien race, and can't get out of him programming. He doesn't want to hit earth, but has no choice. Doc "helps" him to self destruct before he can do any damage, and they sadly say good-bye. This episode highly resembles Scooby Doo in a warped way....
09 One Million Emotions Tom De Haven September 19, 1986 Transcription
The Rangers are in charge of security at an intergalactic art show where a Poe mutant Sensation doll is stolen. The doll is dangerous to humans, indeed to everyone but a Poe, as it holds the emotions of the artist. One million emotions to be exact, and will drive you mad if you touch it. Jackie Subtract steals it for Brappo (who owns New Jersey!). After fighting their way through Brappo's garden of death, Goose and Niko confront him, demanding he return the doll. He shouts no, and goes to grab it off the table. He lets it go with a scream, and Niko goes to catch it. Shane pushes her out of the way, catches it himself, and his bio defenses save him from goin' nuts.
10 Traash Christopher Rowley October 2, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Review Series 6 Podcast
A very aggressive new race appears and is destroying everything in its path, including Crown destroyers and Captain Kidd is the only one who knows anything about them. All he has to do is give a little whistle....

Episodes 11-20

Ep # Title Writer(s) Original Air-date Review Reviewer
11 Mindnet Brian Daley September 16, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Review Kalinara
Killbane breaks into Longshot disguised as Goose, and steals one of the component's of Mindnet, a device that induces psi abilities, for the Queen. In order to clear Shane's name the Rangers have to find it quick. The Queen plants false images in Niko's head using the Mindnet, and so they are led into a trap. Goose challenges Killbane, and wins, but the Queen doesn't intend to keep her word. Niko throws a shield around the Rangers when the Queen uses the mindnet with both its parts, and all unshielded thoughts are laid bare to each other, commencing in a free for all during which Killbane and the Queen get away, but the damaged mindnet is removed.

NOTE: Close to the end there's a strange situation, where the Queen excapes Niko, still having the mindnet-device in her hands (a Slaverlord grabs Niko). The Queen leaves the screen to the right side (with the Mindnet), and a second later Buzz enters the screen on the left side, slapping the Slaverlord with the Mindet. So we may assume that it was broken into two pieces before, one in the hand of the Queen, and one under the control of the Rangers.
12 Tune-Up John Rawlins October 20, 1986
Q-ball's lab is studying a slew of alien devices, and Buzzwang and little Zach are supposed to be inventorying them. A wicked alien xerox machine from hell grabs Buzz and makes a whole pack of Baby Buzzwangs, who steal Ranger 2, and head for a planet in the empty zone. Buzz and Zach follow (against the rules) in Ranger 1, and you just gotta watch this one. It defies description.
13 Space Sorcerer Robert Mandell September 22, 1986
Niko gets a distress call from Ictar, a race called the Basuti that look like small bears, that the last Space Sorcerer has taken over their planet and is forcing them to dig for starstones. The Rangers confront him and he disappears in a cloud of smoke vowing revenge.
14 Progress John Rawlins October 23, 1986
The Rangers receive a distress call from a planet with more water than land, so they, and the dolphins, Icarus and Winter, are sent to investigate. Three nutso aliens had restarted an abandoned factory that was polluting the one major land mass, and making the planets aquatic natives sick.
15 Queen's Lair Christopher Rowley September 17, 1986
The Queen has built a canon that can destroy a planet, and is trying to hold the League hostage with it. So the Rangers are sent in to work with the resistance group on the planet, and destroy the weapon. The resistance group is lead by Burba, who's family is held hostage by the queen and who tries to hand over the Rangers to the Queen. Anyway they succeed in destroying the Queen's weapon but have to escape in a ship which they discover only has five minutes worth of oxygen.
16 The Ax Dan Fiorella October 1, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Re-telling Dan Fiorella
Roy and Burro are prospecting and find a treasure trove of alien artifacts. He calls in his old friend and fellow archaeologist Niko, and Doc tags along. But they "tomb" is guarded by a giant robot guardian with an ax, and it doesn't like them being there.
17 Shaky TBD September 25, 1986
Roy and Burro are back, this time on Shaky, a planet with LOTS of seismic activity, but possibly a BIG starstone deposit, and the Black Hole Gang wants the claim.
18 Space Moby Dan Fiorella September 24, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Re-telling Dan Fiorella
The Rangers are sent to rid an asteroid belt of giant space whales. But they end up in the middle of a fight between Space Peace and a madman, consumed with a vengeful desire to destroy the whales forever.
19 Scarecrow Christopher Rowley October 31, 1986
Goose, Niko, and Zozo are on Grana, taking soil samples to see how well Kiwi veggies will grow. At the harvest dance, Goose dances with a young lady whose boyfriend Johnny is mildly annoyed, and goes off more annoyed. He runs afoul of a very old, very powerful, and very malevolent being who had been sleeping beneath the surface of Grana when the Rangers machine woke him. He wants off planet, badly. He steals Triton, and shoots Niko. He then assaults Niko, trying to get Ranger I's password so he can use it to get off planet. Goose confronts his, calls him "Scarecrow" after the being in Johnny's ghost story, and he adopts the name. In the end, the Scarecrow gets away, and Niko and Goose wonder what manner of creature it is.
20 The Power Within James Luceno September 26, 1986
Nimrod The Hunter grabs the Rangers out of hyperspace, and makes them play his version of the most dangerous game, without their badges. They have to make do as normal, human Rangers. And they do just fine.

Episodes 21-30

Ep # Title Writer(s) Original Air-date Review Reviewer
21 Games Robert Mandell October 9, 1986
Lazarus Slade is supplying the General with warriors for his games by kidnapping. He grabbed Doc off an automated space station, and Goose is sent undercover to find out what's going on. Maya has survived the games thus far, and switches sides to help Goose and Doc put Slade and the General out of commission. The General becomes fascinated with Gooseman, believing him to be a metamorph, and the perfect candidate for his clone army.
22 Showtime John Rawlins October 14, 1986
The Kiwis and Andorians, on their way back from a Federation Conference, discover The Orion Flying Circus and Rodeo Show, lead by Wild Bill Krebb, and have no idea they are meant to be part of the act. You don't want to see what happens when an Andorian is caged...
23 Psychocrypt Robert Mandell & Christopher Rowley September 30, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Re-telling Rabbi Bob
The Queen of the Crown uses her half of the Eliza Foxx psychocrystal to lure Zachary Foxx to her Psychocrypt, a facility in a remote area of space. Zachary is captured and used to create the most power psychocrystal ever. Against orders from Commander Walsh, the rest of the Series 5 team must track down Zach with the help of Geezi the Pedulant and rescue him from the clutches of the Queen.
24 Renegade Rangers Cy Voris September 29, 1986
The Rangers pretend to go bad in order to infiltrate the Black Hole Gang, who are going to try to attack the Longshot research facility. Goose is charged with keeping Daisy O'Mega, then leader of the group of outlaws, distracted after she makes it plain she is attracted to him. They are planning a trap at Longshot, but MaCross, who wanted Daisy for himself, and hates Goose anyway, finds out the plot and mucks up that plan.

Note: This is the second episode where Niko gets shot for Shane, though this time she was saving his and Daisy's lives. There are also some great looks traded in this one.
25 Edge of Darkness Robert Mandell October 3, 1986
The Rangers are leading a strike team against the Black Hole Gang at Entropy's Edge, an asteroid very close to a black hole. During the battle (which is strikingly reminiscent of the trench battle from Star Wars) Goose, after knocking out the power source of the Black Hole hideout, is dragged into the black hole. His charge goes nuts and finally he gets spit out at the other end of the wormhole into the Empty Zone. He crashes on Ozark and wakes, unable to control his morphing. Drawn by Annie O's cries for help as she is attacked by a mean version of Barney, Goose morphs into a Wolverine-like Frankenstein monster. Annie tries to shield him from the people of Ozark, who have no tolerance for off-worlders, until the other Rangers track him down.
26 The Magnificent Kiwi Robert Mandell October 21, 1986
The Queen hires Killbane to destroy the defense shield of Kirwin because she has learnt the remaining members of the Gherkin race are hiding there.
27 Armada Brian Daley October 6, 1986
Lazarus Slade has outfitted the Queen's armada with hyperdrives, and they are advancing on Earth. Using her powers, Niko is able to find out, that the starstones powering the drives were manufactured by Captain Kidd. Goose and Niko track down Kidd at the old homestead (Enter Mrs. Kidd, a giant Chicken, and Luigi, a shorter, fatter version of Squeegie), while Zach and the BETA fleet try to find a weakness in the Crown Armada.
28 Birds of a Feather James Luceno October 13, 1986
Moxie and Miller, who has apparently got over touching the Poe Mutant sensation doll (ah, continuity), sneak into Longshot, after the Supertrooper Juice. This episode has the ENTIRE rogue's gallery chasing after Bubblehead the memory bird, who has accidentally been downloaded with the Supertrooper Juice formula. The Queen wants it, Jackie Subtract wants it, Daisy O'Mega wants it, the Black Hole Gang wants it, and especially, the Rangers want it back.
29 Stargate Christopher Rowley October 10, 1986
BETA gets a message from the people of Walcab. It seems the Queen is back, and is looking for something this time. A legendary Stargate, a wormhole leading to a parallel universe. The only person who seems to know anything about it is a Captain Weege, who is sole crew of a submarine. Weege wants nothing to do with the Rangers, though he does take an interest in Niko. It's an uneasy partnership, as Captain Foxx and Captain Weege can't seem to decide at first who is in charge.
30 Buzzwang's Folly Dan Fiorella & John Rawlins November 18, 1986
Lazarus Slade has once again teamed up with the Queen of the Crown, and once again they plan an assault on Earth. This time, however, the Queen gives him 500 Plagos for the attack. Plagos lack the good sense God gave sheep. But they might have been successful if they hadn't come up against BETA's brilliant defensive minds. Yes thanks to an android double of Premier Dutch dispensing knockout gas, Buzz, his food dispensing android buddies (they cost BETA $7 million, and there are a LOT of them), the Ambassadors and the Kiwi kids are minding the store, and it's up to them to save the world.

Episodes 31-40

Ep # Title Writer(s) Original Air-date Review Reviewer
31 Heart of Tarkon Robert Mandell October 15, 1986
Doc and Niko are sent to Maya's home world Tarkon, to prevent a treaty between King Spartos, Maya's father and the Queen of the Crown. In the midst of all this, the mystery of the Heart, a giant computer hidden away in a mountain, is introduced. While Niko investigates the computer with the help of an ancient Shaman, Doc gets to play dress up and even use those fencing lessons he took at Miss Abercrombie's charm school.
32 Murder on the Andorian Express Dan Fiorella & John Rawlins October 16, 1986
Niko and Doc are on board the luxury liner The Christie trying to track down an assassin hired by the Crown without the use of their implants, because their charges are depleted through foul play. For some reason Premier Dutch has dyed his hair from grey to black since Buzzwang's Folly. Must have been to keep up with that underaged looking bride of his...
33 Lady of Light Laurel Davis October 17, 1986
Mogul summons a powerful entity from a neumonic universe in order to provide him a power source that would make him the most powerful sorcerer in the galaxy. However, he loses control of the entity, and the Lady of Light crash-lands on a planet in the frontier. She loses her crown of power and begins to lose molecular cohesion. If she doesn't return home soon, the resulting explosion could destroy two universes. Goose, Niko, and Waldo try to avert disaster. Naturally, Mogul and Larry follow to stake their claim on a neumonic power source.
34 Mothmoose John Rawlins October 27, 1986
Wild Bill Krebb and his gang are at it again, this time on Kirwin, where they trick a guide into showing them the home of the legendary Mothmoose. Yes, it is in fact a flying moose. According to legend, the harvest depends on the appearance of this creature, and the Kiwi want it back. Badly. So, when BETA deems the recovery of the Mothmoose too far down on their emergency list to merit help from the S5's, it's up to Zozo, Waldo, and the kiwi kids to get it back. Fun, silly stuff.
35 Natural Balance Robert Mandell October 24, 1986
Niko, Doc and Buzz take Zozo, Zach Jr. and the kiwi kids on a field trip to Mistwalker's home world, and find out the supposedly perfect natural balance has been tipped -- by Slade.
36 Scarecrow's Revenge Mick Farren November 10, 1986
Niko and Goose travel to Tarkon after being summoned by Maya when entire villages of frozen, lifeless people are discovered. The Scarecrow is behind it and after surprise, surprise, immortality. The Scarecrow takes over Maya's mind which gives Niko the perfect excuse to have a good old scrap with her which I think has a little more to do with... ahem... territorial rights than Niko would admit to. Goose and Maya are constantly flirting with each other and it is funny to watch Niko getting more and more obvious as the episode goes on.

Note: I love with one. Don't ask me why. Probably because of the looks Maya and Niko trade as each tries to establish their claim on Goose, who makes his choice quite clear at the end.
37 In Sheep's Clothing James Luceno November 3, 1986
Lykans, a highly intelligent wolf-like species, are being blamed for the deaths of Bovo 6 cattle on Prairie. Audra Miles, who has been living with the Lykans, calls on Niko to help her prove the Bovo corporation is at fault, and she and Doc are sent to investigate.
38 Marshmallow Trees Robert Mandell & Christopher Rowley November 20, 1986
While introducing kiwi marshmallow trees to the planet Grana, the planet's two suns have an adverse effect on the trees, making them complete their entire cycle of growth in one night, not to mention being 100 times their normal size. The planet will be over run by the trees if a special breed of locusts aren't used to destroy the crop. Unfortunately, the residents of Grana don't think the locusts are a good idea at all. It turns into a free for all, as everyone commandeers everyone else's vehicles trying to stop the Rangers from releasing the locusts.
39 Shoot Out Robert Mandell October 30, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Re-telling Rabbi Bob
The Queen is having a sharpshooting contest, with Eliza Foxx's crystal as the prize. It's a trap, but what the hell, they know that, and Zach will do anything to get his wife back. Goose enters, the rest of the Rangers go undercover.
40 Bronto Bear Christopher Rowley October 28, 1986
Macross wants to own the Texacota-valley, because it has oil-fields, and decides the best way to go about this is to re-enact a Godzilla movie, using the giant sleeping Bronto Bear, and substituting Texacota for Tokyo. The bear, decidedly unhappy about having his (her? I have no idea) winter hibernation disturbed, is on a direct course to the city, and it's up to the rangers to give the big lug a sedative and get him back to the Arctic where he belongs while the law enforcement in Texacota handle crowd control. Apparently Niko and big teddy bears get along. Must be why she likes Goose so much.

Episodes 41-50

Ep # Title Writer(s) Original Air-date Review Reviewer
41 Invasion John Rawlins November 4, 1986 Rabbi Bob
Zach can't make it in time to The Albert Einstein School for Gifted Youngsters Science Fair, and his daughter Jessie is upset when big brother Zach Jr. comes in his stead, sure that Dad will be there was soon as he can. However, the fair is suddenly overrun by tiny cowboys and indians armed with mini-blasters, and it's up to the kids to save the day from this toy invasion.
42 Rogue Arm Mick Farren November 5, 1986
The Queen launches a special psychocrystal through hyperspace. It manages to get on board a new ship of the navy that the Rangers happen to be taking on its maiden voyage tour of the solar system. The crystal takes over Zach's arm, and uses his lifeforce to power itself as it constructs a body out of servo droids. The Rangers have to stop it before it kills Zach.
43 Round Up James Luceno November 6, 1986
The Rangers get to play cowboy on Nebraska (that's right, the planet), helping the crew of The Yellow Rose transport Bovo cattle to Ft. Windom after the Rose is attacked by the Black Hole Gang. These are mean cows. These are very mean cows. Not to mention, the Black Hole Gang don't give up very easily.
44 Aces and Apes Robert Mandell November 7, 1986
The Rangers flying next to Mesa repairing space tug 4, which is pulling a ship outfitted with an experimental Andorian engine that would render current drives obsolete. A space time distortion opens up, and through it comes a mysterious object, which hits the experimental vessel, and both crash on Mesa. The UFO turns out to be Scarecrow. He takes over a riverboat casino gambler, and teams up with Lazarus Slade. Slade is only interested in getting the new drive, while Scarecrow is after immortality.
45 Badge of Power Robert Mandell November 11, 1986
Lazarus Slade and Mogul combine their forces to create a badge that will duplicate all of the Rangers' unique gifts, stealing the data needed from the BETA computers.
46 Boomtown Dan Fiorella November 12, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Re-telling Dan Fiorella
Roy McIntyre and Burro find a large deposit of starstones on the dead planet C40. Almost overnight, the planet becomes a haven for new prospectors. However, the Queen of the Crown wants the starstones for her empire, so she hires the Black Hole Gang (supplied with weapons from Captain Kidd) to drive the settlers away. Zach, Niko, Doc, and Zozo are sent to establish law and order on the planet - just in time before it explodes...

Note: According to Daniel Fiorella, the story was inspired by the opening theme of Blazing Saddles, which was also used for the Gooseman-video.
47 Supertroopers Brian Daley November 13, 1986 Rabbi Bob
The rogue supertroopers kidnap Senator Wheiner and force him to steal Batch 22, a virus that can destroy all organic life on any planet. They want Gooseman, Dr. Negata and Commander Walsh to meet them at Wolf Den, their old Supertrooper training ground. Long flashback to when Captain Walsh ran the program, how Wheiner messed it up and how Gooseman became the man he is today.
48 Galaxy Stranger Tom De Haven November 14, 1986 Rabbi Bob
A blond, stubbled Man in Black appears in Frontier looking for Jacob Laremie, who has hired Stingray as muscle to push ranchers and farmers off their land to use as grazing land for his Bovo 9 cattle. Goose (the Man with No Name, obviously) confronts Ray and Darkstar.
49 Lord of the Sands Mick Farren November 17, 1986
Zach, Goose and Zozo crash on a desert planet in the empty zone (you think Goose will ever learn how to fly something without crashing it?) after a bomb is placed in their hypershunt by crown agents on Tortuna. They discover a colony of humans descended from American astronauts, who have been raised by a rogue Crown Agent.
50 Changeling Bill Wright November 25, 1986
Goose goes undercover, using his bio-defenses to change his form to an insect- like humanoid, on the Deltoid rock, which has been taken over by the inmates and is going to explode dangerously close to a planet. The General and MaCross are fighting each other who should rule the station, and Goose is able to make use of it, at least long as they don't find out who he really is...

Episodes 51-60

Ep # Title Writer(s) Original Air-date Review Reviewer
51 Promised Land Robert Mandell November 19, 1986
Daisy O'Mega and Maya of Tarkon team up to buy weapons on Mesa to outfit the Tarkonian rebels, and discover someone is arming the natives, and it will turn into an all-out range war if the Rangers can't stop them.
52 Westride Lucia Robson November 21, 1986
The planet Ozark is joining the League, and a land rush is organised for the territory for settlement. Daisy and the Black Hole gang are trying to rig the race. Also in the race are Annie O, Roy and Burro, and Cody "Wildfire" Carson, who have teamed up to try for the three best claims according to the survey map Roy managed to get a hold of.
53 Rainmaker Tom De Haven November 24, 1986 Rabbi Bob
Jackie Subtract is on the lamb from the Rangers. He decides to impersonate his twin brother, Aiden, who is on Frontier, with a weather controlling device trying to break their drought, with the help of Amy Ladd and Pinkwink.
54 Battle of the Bandits James Luceno November 26, 1986
Nimrod's back, this time as a Rock singer in a group called the Slaver Lords. But the queen catches him, and gives him real Slavers for backup singers. She wants to snare all the humans attending the Battle of the Bands, an interstellar rock contest. Larry steals some of Mogul's henchman to form a band, and the Rangers go, moused, blow dried, and teased within an inch of their lives (They sing the Rangers theme). It's a real kick.
55 Rusty and the Boys Cy Voris December 2, 1986
Q-ball's new android, Rusty, is quite a sight. Doc is sent to accompany her on her first mission on Basut. There Larry sees Rusty. Larry wants her, but due to a spell go wrong, she has eyes only for Doc. Rusty eventually gets destroyed saving Doc's life. He repairs her, but her love is gone.
56 Trouble at Texton Christopher Rowley December 3, 1986
Dr. Albert Obgrabco is experimenting with particle collisions on Texton moon, trying to prove his theory on parallel universes. Sam, the super accelerator computer tries to take over as Obgrabco is clearly nuts, and Obgrabco takes control of the project, introducing a virus to control Sam, who manages to get an S.O.S. off to Beta first. The Rangers get sent, and Obgrabco tries to get rid of them by stranding them in the accelerator chamber. Goose gets trapped inside Sam, and a whole is punched through to another universe, and Sam is merged with an extra-dimensional being.
57 Horsepower Robert Mandell November 27, 1986
Doc and Niko are drawn to a planet in the empty zone by a mysterious psychic force. The natives of the world believe Voyager to be a god called Hopi who will help them survive the radical weather changes. It turns out the Queen has a weather control device station on the planet.
58 Ariel Brian Daley December 2, 1986 Bruinhilda
Niko's mentor Ariel needs her help, back in Xanadu where Niko, an orphan was raised. The Megamind is loose, and takes Zachary. When Niko and Ariel arrive, The Megamind puts them in a surreal landscape made up of Sphinxes and rabbit holes, and they must find their way to the center of the maze, and the Megamind.
59 Don Quixote Cody Henry Beck November 28, 1986
Wildfire has Don Quixote Syndrome and thinks he's Wyatt Earpp, Fitzmorris and his gang are the Clanton brothers, Doc's Doc Holiday, and Niko is a dance hall girl named Louise. Meanwhile, Fitzmorris wants Cody's bluefire generator, a shield that can disable any ship that tries to lock on tractors. Note: Name of Cody's ship is the Buchanan and the AI is Roberta (RB).
60 Tortuna Rock Robert Mandell December 4, 1986
Senator Wheiner's flaky daughter, Eve, wants to make a rock video on Tortuna, the most dangerous planet in the system as far as humans are concerned. Obviously she takes after good ole Dad in the intelligence department. No Series 5 Rangers are available to rescue her so Buzzwang is sent instead.

Episodes 61-65

Ep # Title Writer(s) Original Air-date Review Reviewer
61 Fire and Iron James Luceno December 5, 1986
Rancit and his gang are threatening farmers to stop the monorail going through. The rangers are sent to help a woman whose husband was put in hospital. Doc is doing some espionage then gets tied to the monorail with dinky music playing in the background.
62 Tower of Combat Mick Farren December 8, 1986
The General kidnaps the ambassadors, Doc and Zach, to lure Goose to his Tower. He wants to clone the ranger for his army. Niko volunteers to go with, and the two must fight their way through the five levels of the Tower to free their friends.
63 Gift of Life Robert Mandell December 9, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Review Rabbi Bob
Max was apparently involved in the early stages of the Supertrooper program, and raised Gooseman. Then he disappeared, and everyone assumes that he sold out. The Rangers find Max, but he is being attacked. His wife is dead, he is dying, and his last wish is that Shane look after his young son, William Ester Sawyer. Goose had seen Max in years and had no idea he had ever had children. Max had been working on a bio-engineered horse with wings named, Sundancer, for Brappo, but he wants to horse to go to his son instead. The kid doesn't want to go to school on Earth, but wants to find the horse on Tortuna. Goose lets him go, against Zach's orders.
64 Sundancer Robert Mandell December 10, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Review Rabbi Bob
Billy finds Sundancer, gets captures, is rescued by Geezi, and this turns into the Black Stallion. He win's the race and is put into school on Earth.
65 Heartbeat Robert Mandell December 11, 1986 BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Review Rabbi Bob
Doc and Niko are sent to Maya's home world Tarkon, to prevent a treaty between King Spartos, Maya's father and the Queen of the Crown. In the midst of all this, the mystery of the Heart, a giant computer hidden away in a mountain, is introduced. While Niko investigates the computer with the help of an ancient Shaman, Doc gets to play dress up and even use those fencing lessons he took at Miss Abercrombie's charm school.

Must See Episodes

Note: Imported from the GRCD1


This list below is if you're trying to introduce your roommate to the series.

New Frontier

  • This episode introduces the "Fab 4" as on their first mission against the Queen.

Murder on the Andorian Express

  • A charming and well-written Doc and Niko episode that not only displays dramatic skill, but a deft sense of humor.

One Million Emotions

  • Wicked puns (including a David Bowie reference), mind trips, and a nasty little doll.


For the folks you mention it to, and get the answer of "Gee, I saw that 10 years ago and really liked it, but I don't remember much..." These episodes are a good "jump start" for the journey down memory lane.

Supertroopers, Galaxy Stranger

  • Listed as one entry because of how both stories are interconnected. This primarily focuses on Goose's backstory, but we also see the backstories of the other Supertroopers, Senator Wheiner, Dr. Nagata, and Commander Walsh. These episodes, "Battle of the Bandits," and "Psychocrypt" are the ones everyone seems to remember.


  • This episode resembles X-Files so much, that I have to wonder wether Chris Carter was a Galaxy Rangers fan. A soil survey wakes up some ancient, evil being who kills the local sheriff, attacks a local civilian, and raises ALL sorts of hell and chaos. Just cast Niko as Scully and Goose as Mulder (COMPLETE with the sexual tension!). The only dull thing about this episode was Doug Pries having an off day in the voice department.

Trouble at Texton

  • A Mad Scientist (TM) wants to blow open a gate to another universe, overrides ALL the safeties on his computer, and basically plays with physics GOD wouldn't touch. The Rangers get called in to stop him before he kills everything in the process. GOOD sci-fi elements, a challenging plot, and a great intro to the more "advanced" elements of character interplay!

Renegade Rangers

  • The characterization is strong, the Black Hole Gang is shown in all their splendor, Daisy O'Mega and Shane play off each other amazingly well (much to Niko's chargrin), as the Rangers and Ambassadors go outlaw. A stunning episode with elements contested among the fans. Did Shane sleep with Daisy or not? You make the call...


If you're reading the fanfic, writing fanfic, or just are looking for episodes you have to watch multiple times in order to "get," see these.


  • This might be the pilot episode, true. However, this episode is loaded with elements and plot devices better appreciated by those a little more familiar with the series. Notable for implying WHY Zachary had to have his entire left side replaced with bionic implants, as well as the ONLY glimpse we get of an awake and alive Eliza.


  • Listed here because the title charactrer, Niko's mentor, is a favorite "guest star" in fanfic.


  • Hailed as the BEST episode of GR ever made (though some might place "Galaxy Stranger" as #1), this episode is creepy and intense. Queenie breaks out Eliza's crystal, and uses it to REALLY screw with Zachary's mind. You could spend YEARS dissecting the opening scene alone! If you're with an ardent Japanamation freak who says that the Americans never pulled off good animated stories, show him THIS one.

Battle of the Bandits

  • A guilty fannish pleasure in the vein of "Spock's Brain." the Rangers pull off an assignment MUCH more suited for Jem and the Holograms.


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