New Frontier


The Rangers go to Tortuna, looking for Captain Kidd, to find out what happened to Eliza. After escaping the Queens trap on Tortuna, Kidd leads them to the Queen's asteroid. They are captured by the Queen, but they can escape with Eliza's comatose body and rescue all the humans intact, but the other half of her psychocrystal is still in the hands of the Queen.

NB: Goose wears his blue, mid-calf coat in this episode.

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New Frontier
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Originally aired October 29, 1986

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An undefined time after the events in Phoenix, Commander Joseph Walsh introduces Owen Negata, Tactical Commander from the World Federation Board of Leaders, to the delegates of the Bureau of Extra Terrestrial Affairs and the attendees of the meeting. To Zozo's surprise, Negata is a floating platform with a brain encased in glass. Waldo explains that his body died years ago[1]. The plan is for the newly formed team of Galaxy Rangers to travel to Tortuna and meet with Captain Kidd to trade information about the humans captured by The Queen of the Crown on Kirwin in exchange for a trade alliance with Earth. BETA intends to discover why The Queen of the Crown is intent on capturing humans.

Commander Walsh informs Zachary Foxx that his team of Galaxy Rangers "are go" and the team readies up to deploy on their mission. [2] The Rangers travel through the charging station, launch bays, Earth's immediate orbit and onwards past BETA Space Station as they prepare to make to make the warp jump to Tortuna.

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After landing Ranger One on Tortuna in what will later become a familiar hiding spot for the vessel, Zachary gives Waldo and Zozo directions to take off and contact BETA if they're not back in one hour. The rest of the group offloads the cybersteeds Voyager, Triton, Mel, and Brutus. Doc offers that he'll take Voyager as she's buggy, Gooseman reunites with Triton, meanwhile Mel and Brutus remain nameless as they are mounted by Niko and Zachary. The Rangers ride off into the setting sun towards the town of Sorry End.

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Welcome to the Rim Shot Saloon

Goose, wearing his blue mid-calf coat, leads the group into the bar and wastes no time in making no friends of the local clientele.

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  1. Owen Negata is nearly killed in the episode Supertroopers when Senator Wheiner intervenes in the Supertrooper experiments.
  2. In 1982, Robert Mandell produced Thunderbirds 2086 and "Thunderbirds are go!" was an often heard line. To add to the homage, the ensuing deployment montage is very reminiscent of the often repeated Thunderbirds 2086 launch sequence.