Captain Kidd


Captain Kidd
Kidd-Bio-Phoenix 037000000.png
Name Captain Kidd
Species Paraboid
Status Outlaw, Captain of the Iron Falcon
Ability Scream & whistle
Marital Status Miss Kidd (Wife)
Voice Actor Earl Hammond


Captain Kidd commands The Iron Falcon and rides the line between being neutral, helpful, and a nuisance to the Galaxy Ranger team. He is responsible for the kidnapping of Eliza Foxx and her coming into the possession of the the Queen of the Crown, resulting in her being turned into a Slaverlord and remaining in a coma for the duration of the series.

From the official GR Writers Guide:

The Kidd is a totally self-serving smuggler and mercenary. He cruises interstellar space aboard his ship, THE IRON FALCON looking for wealth and power. The Kidd unwittingly captures the Foxx family and tried to turn them over to the Queen of the Crown. But when the Queen double-crosses the Kidd, the pirate briefly becomes an ally of the humans in exchange for fuel and technology.

The Kidd looks like a big garish bird with the personality of Foghorn Leghorn and Long John Silver. He commands a motely crew of unusual and bizarre space aliens.


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