Note #1: For the "canon" enthusiasts, the following is a timeline that integrates a mix of the series story-line, lore and fan interpretations.
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The Timeline

10000 BC

The Ancients of Tarkon (Qoarlac'nai) were embroiled in a Great War with an unknown adversary. The Qoarlac'nai obliterate the invaders. In their last act of desparation, the adversaries imprint their life essences to create a malevoent entity, later to be called 'Scarecrow'. The Qoarlac'nai create the 'Heart of Tarkon' to protect the planet from alien invaders. Scarecrow, consumed with the destruction of the Qoarlac'nai, systematically begins to destroy his enemies. Some Qoarlac'nai escape. Scarecrow succeeds in destroying the Qoarlac'nai, but fails to destroy the Heart, and is forced to the uninhabited world of Granna IV. With the destruction of the Qoarlac'nai, the devestated survivors swear off all higher technology. The Tarkon civilization falls.

Xanadusian culture flourshes.

Enolan civilization is on the rise.


During an interstellar war, Enolan Civilization is destroyed in a supernova. A planetoid under the control of an artificial intelligence named Spek, is set adrift.


Qoarlac'nai survivors crash land on Earth's moon. In order to maximize their survival, Qoarlac'nai spend all their resources to travel to Earth. Being similar in appearance to the inhabitants of Earth, they are able to mingle into the primitive civilizations in the Middle East, passing on their writing and language, but refrain from passing on their history. The Earth-born viruses and bacteria prove too much for the Qoarlac'nai and quickly die off.

Andorians discover mathematics, which form the basis of their mysticism and philosophy. Mathematical notation is in wide use before their languages are written.


Space Sorcerers at their peak.

Poe Mutant Empire rising.


The Dal'Kest clan leads a revolt on Xanadu. Barely able to stop them, Xanadu is devastated. Most of the Xanadu natives are killed. The clan is exiled, and the planet put under a cloak. The survivors desperately seek foundlings to rebuild. The mages and students are known as the Circle of Thought.

0 AD

Light from the Capricorn supernova reaches Earth.


The Dal'Kest clan establishes themselves on a remote planet. The family eventually comes to rule the planet as feared warlords.


The name lost to time, The Dal'Kest clan is now known only as "The Crown".


Poe Mutant Empire collapses.


The Crown rules open space via piracy, gradually expanding their influence over neighboring systems.


With 10 star systems under their direct control, and 5 more under their influence, the Crown is a truly an interstellar menace. The Crown Empire is expansionistic and ruthless.


After a horrific battle for succession, the Queen of the Crown comes to power. She conquers Tortuna by killing the native rulers. When the populace refuse to surrender, the Crown respond by razing the suburbs and poisoning the atmosphere, restricting most life forms to the domes. The Crown also makes Tortuna a penal colony.


Humans start space exploration.


Andor and Kirwin conquered. Crown Empire at its peak.


Earth Calendar Millennium sparks global interest in space exploration and travel. Religious movements ranging from mainstream fundamentalism to neo-mystic take hold.

Space Sorcerers start feuding among themselves, their magic and influence waning severely


Several global conglomerates start a colony to mine Luna. With hundreds of willing colonists, and thousands on the waiting list, the project is a success.


The Qoarlac'nai ruins are found on the moon by a mining surveyor. The discovery of extra-terrestrial life encourages Earth to travel outwards into the solar system.


The same conglomerates starts a colony on Mars. Qoarlac'nai writings are found to resemble ancient Terran artifacts. The ability to translate these writings accelerate Terran sciences at an alarming rate.


The Second Great Depression leaves over 1.5 billion people unemployed. Most major conglomerates go under. The unemployed beg for a shot to start over. With the colonies now owned by the United Nations, development of Mars and Luna sharply increases.


Sleeper ships invented. Thousands of criminals, unemployed, and "undesirables" cheerfully shipped out by the United States/Canadian Alliance (USCA), European Union, and the East Asian Partnership. Ozark is founded by a sleeper ship belonging to a fundamentalist "back to basics" Christian sect.


Discontent on Andor and Kirwin leads to civil disorder and revolt. Due to heavy expansion, the Crown forces are starting to grow thin.


The Queen of the Crown develops an army of android warriors to police her empire.


Experiments lead to the development of a slow (relative to Andorian hyperdrive) FTL drive. Protodrives lead to the settlement of Nebraska V.


Last of the sleeper ships launched. Protodrives now standard.


Protodrive colony ship colonizes Granna IV.


Appalled at the rough manners of colony life, Miss Sarah Abercrombie founds a charm school on Nebraska V.


Andor and Kirwin declare independence. Their new alliance is known as the League of Planets. Realizing the formidable threat to her empire, the Queen develops 'Psychocrystal' technology to enhance her presence throughout the Empire. The extinction of the Gherh'ken race has begun.


Zachary Foxx is the first child born to Maggie and Alan Foxx


An Andorian probe sailing close to the Sol System discover radio signals from technology which resembles the ancient Qoarlac'nai's. Another probe was sent to land on Earth. The discovery of this probe lead Earth's Government to take measures against possible alien threats. Their response is in the form of genetically enhanced soldiers to handle the rigors of space and alien worlds. The project is headed by Space Navy Commander Joseph Walsh and Dr. Owen Negata. Dr. Max Sawyer is the head geneticist. The proposed soldiers are nicknamed "Supertroopers" by a technician. The name sticks.


Walter Hartford born in Kingston, Jamacia. The family moves to Philadelphia soon afterward.

The first batch of Supertroopers (including Ryker Killbane) are deemed "viable".


Niko born


The 80th, and last, Supertrooper, later known as Shane Gooseman, is deemed "viable".

Interplanetary crime, planet-hopping criminals, and local disputes too large for militia and too small for the military infest the expanding human colonies. Officers are picked from both, and trained as a interplanetary police force/special forces division. An academy is founded, and the new operatives are dubbed "Galaxy Rangers". Commander Walsh helms the Ranger program.


Andor and Kirwin finally drive the last Crown legion from their jurisdiction. The Empire still refuses to acknowledge the League.


Ariel Dal'Elspeth finds a starving, frightened girl in the ruins of a house. Sensing the girl has a powerful psychic gift, she takes the child to Xanadu to raise and train as her own. The little girl only remembers her name as "Niko".


Zozo and Waldo, Ambassadors for the fledgling League are looking for allies. Sensing that the Terran military could be an asset against the Crown, the League offers membership to Earth and her colonies. The super-fast Andorian hyperdrive is included in the deal. The Bureau of Extraterrestrial Affairs (BETA) is founded, and the Ranger division is under its command.


Zachary Foxx graduates from the Ranger Academy.


Zachary Foxx marries Eliza Jackson.


Zachary and Eliza Foxx have their first child, Zachary Foxx Jr.


Humanity finally becomes a major player in the galaxy due to the Andorian hyperdrive. Colonization booms.


Jessica Foxx born


Niko Dal'Ariel is granted permission to leave Xanadu and enroll in the Ranger Academy, provided she never reveal the location or secrets of her planet.


Amid allegations that he illegally sold genetic data, Max Singer is booted from the Supertrooper project. Rumors fly that Max was framed by higher elements.

Ranger Lieutenant Walter Hartford gets his Ph.D in Computer Psychiatry, turning down several lucrative offers in order to continue working at BETA.


After a civilian adviser (Senator Wheiner) releases an unstable DNA accelerant into the barracks air systems, the Supertroopers riot. Dr. Owen Negata is killed. Twenty-four troopers are rendered brain-dead. Twenty-three are captured, twenty-two escape, and only the youngest, Shane Gooseman, stays loyal to BETA. The brain-dead and captured Supertroopers go into cryostasis. The Supertrooper program is terminated. Walsh is given custody of Gooseman who's allowed to enter the Ranger program under certain conditions.

Ranger Zachary Foxx is given the rank of Marshall and heads up a team of Rangers whose jurisdiction includes Kirwin.

The Queen of the Crown learns of the pending alliance of the League of Planets with a new alien specie and immediately sends troops out to capture "Humans".


The final treaties are signed, officially making Earth a member of the League of Planets. Eighty humans are captured when the Crown suddenly emerges in a lightning raid on Kirwin.

In an unrelated incedent, a pirate operating under a Crown Letter of Marque siezes the Ranger vessel *Phoenix,* carrying Ambassadors Waldo and Zozo, Capt. Zachary Foxx, Eliza Foxx, and the two Foxx children. While the Ambassadors and the children escaped relatively unscathed, Capt. Foxx was severely injured in the escape, and Eliza did not escape at all.

Outraged, the League declare war on the Crown. In need of a small, elite special force to deal with certain types of Crown threats, the League turns to BETA and the Rangers. BETA's labs were ready to field-test the still-experimental Series-5 brain implant. Capt. Foxx is appointed to lead the team. He and three other Rangers - Dr. Walter Hartford, Niko, and Shane Gooseman - are fitted with the implants.

The Series begins...