Walter Hartford


Walter Hartford
Name Walter Hartford
Alias Doc, Wilbur, Wally
Species Human
Age 25
Status Series 5 Ranger
Education Miss Abercrombie's Charm School
Ability Computer Psychology
Origin Earth


Single, but with a vested interest in Maya, Princess of Tarkon. African American, mustache, mid to late twenties. A computer hacker, the Series 5 implant in Doc's brain allows him direct access to any and all types of computers using animated little "programs" he created (Tripwire, Firefly, etc.). He is irreverent, had a great left hook, learned fencing at Miss Abercrombie's charm school, and loves his work.

Flamboyant and flashy, this computer hacker is never at a loss for words. Good-natured and cheerful, he loves his work, and approaches it with the gusto of a gourmet in Paris.

Doc's weapons of choice are his fists, his quick thinking (he may be a smart-ass, but I've never seen him stick his foot in his mouth), and a sword.

Doc is probably in his early thirties. He bears a bizarre resemblance to Billy Dee Williams (not surprising - I think Mandell had Lando Calrissian in mind when creating the character).

Doc is a great comedian, but he's far from a buffoon. In fact, he's probably the most educated and intellectual of the Rangers (If you want a complete idiot, see Buzzwang). He just has the uncanny knack to see the humor in ANY situation, and is just happy with life in general. You know the situation's REALLY bad if Doc is unable to make a joke.

Also, since his past was never really explored on the series, some fans have come up with wild ideas about what he might have done BEFORE enlisting. Some of those ideas include a brief criminal career (he wasn't caught, but...).

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