After his secretary called him for the third time about trouble with the Series 5 rangers, Walsh decided he should give them a little pep talk and oversee their progress.

"No, starting a war with the Traash isn't an option, Ranger Niko."

"Gooseman, I'm glad you're taking your duty to bring in the other Supertroopers seriously, but only after you've completed _this_ task."

"Going insane isn't an option, Ranger Hartford. Please stop talking like Doc Holiday."

"No, we won't put you in stasis, Captain Fox."

"No, Buzzwang, we don't need you to take over the mission on Tortuna, I'm sure the S5 rangers will be finished here soon."

Walsh got a thermos of coffee and put an extra chair into the office. He had a feeling this might take longer.

"Having Bubblehead do your work for you isn't an option either, Ranger Hartford."

"You can levitate the furniture only if you don't keep anyone else from working, Ranger Niko."

"Ms. Miles doesn't need a new assistant, Captain Fox. At least not until you're done here."

"Burning the office doesn't solve the problem, Gooseman!"

When his secretary alerted him to several important incoming transmissions, he was glad about the excuse to take a break.

"I'm sorry we don't have time for your invasion right now, Mr. Slade. Please come back tomorrow."

"I understand that Scarecrow taking over the planet is a serious issue, King Spartos, but could it wait until next week?"

When he came back into the office, his nerves were frayed (even more than usual).

"Just how long does it take you rangers to rewrite the report of your last mission according to the 20th edition of our report guidelines?!"