Deja Vu


Deja Vu

by Allronix

Rated: Unrated

Race looked over the odd little statue. It appeared to be a group of human figures, hands joined, and standing in a circle. It was definitely odd-looking. The figures were faceless, and some looked a little misshapen, but the circle was still intact. Almost a perfect circle, too.

"So THIS is that bonding stone those mercanaries wanted so badly. Why would it be so important?"

"According to legend," said Dr. Quest, "If a group of people touch this artifact at the same time, and make a wish to stay together in their next life, that wish will be granted."

Race chuckled. "Sounds crazy, Benton."

"Crazy or not, when Johnny heard the legend, that's all he could talk about. He practically forgot to eat lunch."

"Johnny missing a meal?" Race joked. "Almost impossible."

"I wonder if the legend could be true," Dr. Quest muttered. "Wouldn't it be funny if...?"

Jessie raced downstairs. "Hey, guys, you have GOT to see what Hadji and I..."

"In a minute, Ponchita," Race told his daughter. * * * * "So Niko and I come across this report when we decided to do a little digging in the University Library. Really fascinating stuff."

"The Bonding Stone : History and Legend by Dr. Benton Quest," Zach read.

"Yeah," said Doc. "We just couldn't put it down for some wierd reason. It's just fascinating. To think an old artifact might be able to do something like that."

"I think you're out to lunch, Doc. An artifact that binds people so that they can be reborn and stay together? That's crazy."

"Well, believe or not, I practically had to tear the report out of Goose's hands. He got engrossed in reading it and almost forgot to eat."

"Goose? Forgetting to eat?" Zach looked up and snickered. "That's something."

"I wonder if the legend could be true?" Doc mused. "Wouldn't it be funny if...?"

"Hey, guys," Niko called out from the next room. "You have got to see what Zozo and I..."

"In a minute, Ponchita," Zach said. Stopping for a moment, and shaking his head, he muttered, "Ponchita? Why the hell...?"

"Freudian slip?"

The captain sighed. "Never mind. I still think Dr. Quest was a little out to lunch..."