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Originally aired 10/30/1986


Probably one of the most psychologically tripped episodes of the series, Psychocrypt starts out with Zachary Foxx engaging first hand in a nightmare sequence that is almost too eerie. Zach is confronted with Eliza's image, melting badges, slow-motion sprints, his own body in a psychochamber, the Queen of the Crown and an assortment of personal demons that would put Freud to rest uneasily.


Awakened from his nightmare, Zach shuttles over to Longshot to visit Eliza in the Cryocrypt to see if any strange things have been happening to her recently. Confirming his hunch, Zach finds that Eliza's brain waves have been fluctuating every night for the past week & that her life signs are dropping. Struggling with the nightmares and his own longing for Eliza, Zach takes the resident tech, Matt, hostage in an attempt to bring his wife out of her slumber. Internal alarms are tripped and word gets to Commander Walsh about the situation. Walsh talks Zach down and the group meets in Walsh's office along with Q-Ball.


Q-Ball surmises that the Queen is using Eliza's half of the psychocrystal to lure Zach into her clutches and that prolonged usage would most likely kill her in the process. Goose suggests that the Rangers go in and get the other half of the Eliza's psychocrystal.

Walsh informs them that he cannot allow his troops to knowingly walk into a trap and that he will not authorize them to do so. Zachary, torn between duty and love, resigns from the team and Commander Walsh confines Zach to his quarters until further notice.

While under confinement, Zach's teammates show their true colors and the diversion to get him out to save Eliza gets underway. Somehow, Zach makes it off Earth and the rest of the team ends up back in Walsh's office


  • Walsh - "We still don't know who knocked out the computer. Turned off the security channel AND tuned up that interceptor!"
  • Niko - "They still haven't been found?
  • Walsh - "It's a very a suspicious case!"
  • Doc - "Are you suggesting, it was an inside job?
  • Walsh - "Let's just say there could be a few court martials here!"

    Walsh informs them that he's not clueless to the situation and that a team of Rangers will have to go out and bring Zach back. Also, he adds, not to fail the mission, or they run the risk of serving as Series Two Rangers on the Pluto base because they have put the Series Five project in jeopardy with their antics.


Zach arrives on Tortuna and searches out our favorite pedulant, Geezi. Threatening to bring every Crown Agent he can find right to Geezi's shop, Zach engages in some old time interrogation on Geezi to find out the Queen's plan.

Geezi lays out that the Queen is trying out every available life form in her Pscyhocrypt and that he knows a local shipment of Baarvoolian Spongefish that are heading out on his good friend Captain Prodush's ship, The Whispering Bathfly. Zach determines that he will also be with that delivery.


No sooner does the Whispering Bathfly take off to the Psychocrypt, the other Rangers track down Geezi, who ever so thrilled so see more troublesome hummings


Zach makes it aboard the Pscyhocrypt just in time for the Queen to start using Eliza's crystal in another mind bending episode. Zach weathers the psychic trauma and waits for the Queen to vacate the holding room, allowing him a chance to grab the unprotected crystal.

With crystal in one and blaster in the other, Zach exits the room right into the clutches of the Queen, who wastes no time in transforming Zach into her most powerful Psychocrystal yet.





With his amazing knack for acquiring the most needed tools, Geezi flies the rest of the Rangers to the Psychocrypt so they can rescue Zach. Onboard, they find the Slaverlord Zach, overtaking him easily and securing his psychocrystal. Niko psychically finds out where Zach's body is and the Queen laughs from away, knowing that the Rangers are falling into her trap.

The Rangers make their way to the psychochamber and revive Zachary from his sleep. With grenades being the weapon of choice, Goose and Niko lay waste to just about every Crown Agent they come across.



With Zach regaining his strength, the Rangers and Geezi board the ship. Goose takes the helm and while evading a squadron of ships, they make a tight escape through a hyperspace jump back to Earth.


Back at Longshot, Q-ball informs Zach that he had found a harmonic factor in Zach's bionics that was allowing the Queen to utilize the dream factor and that it will be corrected. Walsh welcomes Zach back into the team and Zach pledges to free Eliza one day.


*The End*

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