Zachary Foxx


Zachary Foxx
Zach's Bionics
Name Zachary Foxx
Zachery Foxx
Alias Captain, Zach
Species Human
Age 35
Status Series 5 Ranger
Ability Bionic implants
Origin Earth
Relatives Eliza Foxx
Children Zachary Foxx Jr.,Jessica Foxx
Marital Status Married
Voice Actor Jerry Orbach
First Appearance Phoenix


Father of two, married. Brown hair, blue eyes. Mid to late thirties. By the book type. His wife Eliza is currently in a coma, due to the Queen of the Crown. The Series 5 team was formed with the primary mission of freeing Eliza's psychocrystal from the Queen so that she can rejoin her family. Zach's implant is linked directly to his bionic left arm and leg. The arm can fire high intensity cannon blasts, and gives him extra strength when he has enough charge.

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While the Rangers often act as a leaderless team, Zachary is the field captain and "guy in charge."

Something of a stoic, Robert Mandell described him as being a "West-Point-mentality soldier. He is always doing things by regulations... Zach was never our most colorful character and we played off that quality ... he comes from a world of perfect order, he likes to see things in certain ways, but in reality, nothing works that way - especially in the whole new universe he now can explore."

During the escape from Kidd's ship in Phoenix, Zachary was critically injured. In order to save his life, almost his entire left side was replaced with bionic implants. "We wanted Zach to have his own personal conflict and that turned out to be his bionics," Robert explained, noting a certain irony. "He never really trusted machinery or hardware, but then he has an accident where suddenly, it is machinery and hardware that saves his life. Now, he has this internal conflict with how to deal with his own bionics." Zach's implant is linked directly to his bionic left arm and leg.

Writers Guidebook

From the AotGR Writer's Guidebook:

Name: Zachery Foxx Age: 35

Galaxy Ranger Zachery Foxx was sent to the human base on the planet Andor for a two-year assignment as Marshall. Along with Waldo and Zozo, he took with him his wife, Alisa, and two children, Little Zach and Jessica. Enroute their ship, THE PHOENIX, was hijacked by a gang of alien space pirates. The alien leader is Captain Kidd and he claims THE PHOENIX as his bounty. Captain Kidd makes a deal to hand the humans over to the Slaver Lords, dreaded evil henchman of The Queen of the Imperial Crown. In an attempt to escape, Zachery is injured but Zozo and Waldo help him and the two children escape. THE PHOENIX is destroyed and Alisa Foxx is held hostage by Captain Kidd who vows to meet Zachery again, to exchange Alisa for fuel and technology.

The badly wounded Zachery is returned to Earth and rebuilt using advanced cybernetics by The Bureau of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs. His new equipment includes a brain implant that can receive a power charge from the BETA computers, providing him bursts of super strength from his new bionic components. The power charge also allows Zachery to hurl an energy ball from his rebuilt left arm. Commander Joseph Walsh of BETA realizes that in order to deal with the powerful enemies of outer space, a special group of Rangers must be formed. Each of these Rangers will utilize the advanced System Five implant to give them increased powers.

Zachery Foxx knows that he is about to become a powerful weapon against the evils that await humankind from beyond the stars.

Zachery's prime personal motivation is to return to space and find his wife. Whether he will find her is not yet known. Zachery also now faces and identity crisis. He has always had problems dealing with machines. Now he finds himself half-man, half-machine. He realizes that the machines saved his life but he finds it very hard to cope with his new body. He feels like he is a mutant, an outcast from normal society. The trust and friendship given to him by his other Rangers is a most important element to Zachery, constantly reminding him that his human spirit will never die.

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FanFic Note


Between the loss of his wife, and the conflict with the bionics, Zachary is seen by some fans as a very tragic and troubled figure, holding onto things for the sake of Zach Jr. and Jessica. A few fans even paint the character as clinically depressed.

Zachary versus Zachery

The characters written name is Zachery Foxx, however back before the fan community had access to series information, the spelling Zachary took hold. Both spellings are accepted among the majority of fans and due to the amount of material already in motion, Zachary is the preferred spelling here.

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