The Games Of Life


Funny isn't it, how most of us walk through life and we never stop to realize just how important somethings are until it's to late to stop them from being taken away. Some people call it fate other chance, me, I call it life's game. It is a game in every since of the word. Their are winners and losers, leaders and followers, rules to obey and to be broken, and if your lucky you reach the end with everything you dreamed about.

But the game can have a cruel twist to it, most people will tell you that life isn't fare, well there right. If the game was fare their would be no need for war, poverty, and you would never have to feel loss or sadness, but life isn't fare. We know war and have become far to comfortable with it. We know poverty, but try to ignore that it exists. And loss, to lose your love before you where ready. to have the one person that you would give your life for ripped away, this is the games cruelest turn. Sometimes it tries to compromise by giving a life while taking one, 'I know this from my own experience.

My love, my life was taken from me, taken so quickly that I never had a chance to say goodbye. In that one moment I felt my heart and soul die, but in one of the many twist of the game I was never given the time to grieve. You see I had to comfort the children, our four sons. Nicholis, being the oldest, put on a brave face, but a nine year old should never have to know life without his mother. The twins, Joseph and Caleb, barely seven years old, denied everything. Zachary, at five was to young to understand, asked for her every night for almost a year. But as I said earlier, the game has ways it tries to compromise. I lost my love, but received my Angel. You see she died giving birth to our fifth child, our only daughter, Arhya. At first I wanted to blame her, she was the reason that Niko died, she took my love from me. But the first time I held her and she looked at me with her emerald green eyes, all I could think of was how she looked like her mother. All the hate and sorrow left me in that moment, Niko had died giving me this precious gift, how could I refuse to love her.

From that moment on in my life Arhya and her brothers became the drive in my life, everything I did was for them and them alone. Now here I am almost 28 years later and I hold my granddaughters. Niko and Shaneann, twins, born to Arhya and her husband Jason Fox, Zachary Fox's own grandson. I look at my granddaughters, one with blond hair and sea blue eyes, the other reddish brown hair and emerald green eyes. Then I look at my daughter, asleep on the bed and my sons and their families scattered around the room. In all of them I see my love in all the faces of my children and my grandchildren. And in that moment I decided that despite all the horrors of my life and all the loss that I've suffered, in the end I won my game of life.