Time Bomb


Time Bomb

by Richard Ryley


"Well, some of you may have heard I was running a GR role playing game, and that I was planning on turning it into a fanfic."
Richard Ryley[1]

The following background is quoted from Larry Moore's short interview with fanfic author Richard Ryley:[2]

Editor’s Note: Some of you might remember an 80’s cartoon called “The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers”. Richard Ryley started a play by email campaign several years ago based on a freeform RPG system. After the adventure he compiled a short story. This is that story.

Larry Moore: "What RPG system did you use?"

Richard Ryley: “I used a very freeform system for the RPG, which was played by email. It was loosely based on a system I found somewhere, I can't remember the exact details, but in essence the idea was you gave the player a choice of two options in discussion, and which option he took determined if he succeeded or failed. You chained a bunch of these choices together to create any mix of odds from 50% to 25% to whatever. What I ended up doing is coming up with rules off the top of my head to base a check off of the players' post, for instance "is the third word of the second sentence more or less than 4 letters?". That way I didn't have to ask them, I just had them role play what they were doing and I told them if it worked.

It was a bit vague, but it was really flexible and led to some great scenes. For instance, when Goose used Killbane's device to try and recharge his badge, I told him he wouldn't know if it worked until he tried it. When he tried it, in the final fight, I made a roll, and the charge failed. However, he just kept acting like it hadn't, and I made another roll, and the bluff worked. So that whole bit was generated randomly. :D”


Gamemaster& Fanfic-Composer
Richard Ryley

Shane Gooseman
David Wills

Walter "Doc" Hartford
Luther Frisch

James Grabowski/Stephen Long

Robert Richards

Daisy O'Mega
Anastasia Atomaczyk

Chapter 01

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