Return to Sender


Return to Sender

by AKK

Rated: Unrated

This 'patch'-story plays just after "The Armada".

They occupied a table at one of the windows of the cafeteria at BetaMountain, which granted a phantastic view over the landscapes. Gooseman leant with his back against it, balancing a mug of coffee on one knee. The others including Waldo and Soso are gathered around the table as usual, talking, chatting and a little bit annoyed by the loudy repairs done all over around them. Zach covered his mug to prevent plaster to fall in. It was obvious: Beta was hidden hard by the Crown Armada only days ago. Walsh arrived, leading the commanding general to the Series-5s table. The general begins: " Have one of you witnessed what happened to the cargo transport at ramp 23?" 

"What happened, Sir?" asked Fox alarmed. 

"It's stolen." 

"We don't know anything, General." 

"I think, he does. - You are on the monitoring tapes, Gooseman." 

"Maybe an old fat rooster wants to take back his own ship." the ST answered dryly. 

"What does this mean?" Walshs voice sounded dangerous. 

"That you'll find your vessel on planet Korreen at the coordinates 8029' North - 126011' West." 

"Gooseman, are you aware, that this is a heavy theft?" 

"Sir, I don't have your ship." 

"Than it's complicity..." 

The admiral shook his head. "Leave him, Joseph. We don't want to be more pedantic than necessary. We all owe them, the rooster and him, a lot." He turned at Gooseman. "You've played for high stakes, Ranger. But okay, if the vessel is really there, we'll drop the affair, if not..." 

"It will be there, Admiral." 

After they left, Fox stared brow knitting at him. Silence endured. It was Niko, who finally asked: "How can you be so sure with a guy like Kidd?" 

"Because I inserted a hardware-course programming and a coordinate-sensitive engine blocker." He grinned fiercely. "Kidd is unable to go to any other place, except the one I want to have him!" The green eyes glowed with amusement. Niko started to giggle for Fox' irritation. 

"Goose, you don't have called for his wife, don't you?" she managed to ask besides her laughter. 

"Of course I have!"