A Christmas Wish



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A Christmas Wish

by RurouniTriv

Rated: K

Summary: Zach finds himself wishing for a a moment with someone special for Christmas

I'm sitting in my lonely room
Looking at the Christmas tree
Fighting off this sense of doom
That says you're lost to me.

Your body lies in a coffin
Of metal, glass and ice,
Your soul no longer dwells inside
Stolen by that damned device.

Your life bound in a gemstone
Held by the Queen of Crowns
And I just sit here helpless
Defeated and worn down.

Our children come into the room
And try to cheer me up
While I can only remember how
At my lips yours did sup.

I miss you, love, I need you
More and more with every day
And if I could only have you back
From your side I'd never stray.

I pray now for the mission
That will end with your rebirth ­
My Christmas wish this year
Is to return you safe to Earth.