Commander Joseph Walsh


Commander Joseph Walsh
Walsh-Bio-Phoenix 109002671.png
Name Commander Joseph Walsh
Species Human
Status Commander at BETA Mountain
Origin Earth
Children Shane Gooseman *DNA


The Series 5 Ranger Team is his baby. He is the commanding officer, as well as the head of B.E.T.A., the Bureau of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs located in Beta Mountain (where, incidentally, it never snows). Brown hair (with grey at temples) brown eyes, assumed to be in his late forties, but hell, this is a cartoon, and people don't age normally.

With Dr. Negata, he was in charge of the failed Supertrooper Project, of which Shane Gooseman is the only intact (read: sane) survivor. The Rangers are his friends, and Gooseman is something of the son he never had. He has been know to bend the rules for them when the Council of Leaders of the World Federation (typified by the nozzle Senator Wheiner) tries to do things like put Goose in Cryostasis...

Walsh is something of a controversial character. It's implied in Supertroopers, that he and Wheiner keep each other in check through a complicated web of mutual blackmail, and a series of "deals." Some of these "deals" involve bending the rules for his Rangers, but others might wind up harmful to them. He, Nagata, and Wheiner are the only ones who know about Shane being his "son".

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