The Candidate


The Candidate

by Liz

Rated: Unrated

"Senator Wheiner, If you go ahead with an assinine plan like that I will personally hand you over to the Queen for her psychocrypt!"

Walsh took a moment to calm himself before he sat back down into his chair. He couldn't believe how frustrated he felt; his hands were gripping the edges of his desk tightly, and it took a supreme effort to let go.

In front of him, the offending Senator was wearing a look of surprise on his face. Obviously, he had not expected Walsh to disagree with his solution. "Wh-what's the matter? It's perfect, I tell you!"

"Perfect?!" Walsh roared. "Have you taken a good look at that... 'candidate' of yours? If you bring it in as Ranger, we'll have chaos on our hands!"

"Oh, come now. That's an exaggeration...," the Senator said, dismissing his fears. "I'm sure that everyone will accept our new friend with open arms. After all, he's not much different from other off-worlders." He threw a glare at Walsh. "And please don't call him an 'it'. It will only hurt his feelings."

"I know exactly where I want to hurt him, Senator, and believe me, it's not his feelings," Walsh muttered darkly. In a louder voice: "This idea of yours is, to put it frankly, stupid. I will not accept his application."

He'd said in the Final Tone of Voice (which he'd taken years to perfect ^_^), and expected the matter to end right then and there. However, Wheiner's next words chilled him to the bone.

"Too late, Commander. I've already gotten the approval of the Earth Council, and he's now officially a member of the Rangers." Wheiner smirked. "I'm looking forward to introducing him to the rest of the troops."

Walsh shook his head. "You're going to ruin us..."

"No, I'm not. Think of the publicity we'll get. People will flock to see him working with us. Think about it! An intergalactic symbol of peace working among the Galaxy Rangers, ready to risk his life to bring all the no-goods to justice."

Wheiner wiped his impassioned tears from his eyes, as Walsh wondered, yet again, what he'd done in a previous life to warrant the hell of having to put up with this maniac.

The Senator suddenly grinned. "Would you like to meet him? He's outside your office right now, in fact..." As Walsh made panicking motions, Wheiner turned to the doors, leaned out and called his guest in.

Within moments, a huge, purple monstrosity entered Walsh's hallowed office. The fact that it was already dressed in a Ranger's blue and white uniform did nothing to disguise the fact that it was, through and through, an abomination. (Think of a purple Dino the Dogasaur, in a Ranger's outfit, and you're close to the exact image.)

The thing waved at them cheerfully. "Hiya, kids!" Barney said.

Walsh groaned.