Untitled CK


Untitled CK

by Chiang-Ku

Rated: Unrated

"Senator Wheiner, If you go ahead with an assinine plan like that I will personally hand you over to the Queen for her psychocrypt!" Walsh was visually upset, the esteemed Senator had never seen him in such a furious state. Walsh hadn't even gotten this upset when he found out that it was he that ruinied the Supertrooper project by flooding the living quarters with X-Factor, making the Senator indirectly responsible for killing Dr. Negata's body, not to mention the escape of the rogue Supertroopers.

"I haven't done anything yet Commander, but I do have the authority to go ahead with The Introduction Project if I see fit" he said with a slight tremble in his voice.

"Antiquated nuclear weapons are no match for the Queens resources Senator." Walsh replied. "Posession of those weapons have been outlawed for damn near a century, and for good reason too, they damn near killed this planet. Just because our probes found a supply of them that was destined for the Sun, dosen't mean we should reactivate them for some twisted plot of yours." Walsh's face was beet red, "That cargo vessel needs to be reprogrammed for it's original destination, and that's exactly what Ranger Hartford is going to do, neither you or the Board of Leaders will do anything to prevent that from happening and we had better be clear on that!"

Wheiner was beginning to understand that he was beaten on this, "another day Walsh" he thought to himself, "another day."

"Shit Senator," Walsh continued, "you should be damn glad that Dr. Lazarus Slade didn't find those old ICBM's before we did. I am sure even you can imagine the crap we'd have to put up with if that slug happened upon that ship before we did."

Wheiner was getting anxious to get out of there, and the Commander could hear it in his voice, "You know Walsh, I'm glad I came to you first with this before starting the prep work," the Senator said knowing that he had a lot of work to do covering up the preparation he had already done, "I can't thank you enough for your opposing viewpoint on this, I can clearly see where you're coming from now, and I know that you are right. Well I must go now, I have a meeting with the Board of Intergalactical Agriculture, I'll be in touch Commander".

Walsh took a deep breath as Wheiner left his office, "That was all a little too easy" he thought "I wonder just how clear that man really is, I'd better have someone keep an eye on him for a couple of days. I just can't trust that man, Senator or not." Walsh reached for his com link, "Janet, can you have Q-Ball and Ranger Scott come see me immediately?" "Yes sir, right away sir" Janet replied, a slight knowing giggle in her voice. She knew what Ranger Scott specialties were, even though such knowledge was top secret. "That Wheiner had better keep his nose clean" she thought to herself as she buzzed Q-Ball's lab.