Doc's Ode to Goose



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Doc's Ode to Goose

by Ariel

Rated: K

Summary: Doc enjoying the thrill of danger -- he is fast, but is he fast enough to outrun a supertrooper?

Hail thee you wondrous colleague of mine,
With the glistening eyes and the menacing smile.
Unforgettable still is the fun that we had
On dangerous missons in a world going mad --
Just think back to Tarkon, Tortuna and such,
Where we fate did defy without caring too much
(Well, actually I almost wet my pants, but don't tell anyone.)

You know, Niko's cool, and she's got a cute smile,
But, my Goose man, it's you who has got the most style.
It could be the guns, or your eyes, or that voice,
With chain-smoking appeal that leaves women no choice
But to drool -- over you.
I mean, Zach is married, but I've got some needs too...
Never mind.

Still, it's sad how the women all swoon at the sight
Of your face and your badge and that halo of light
Round your head. Is that hair?
Much too weak seems the word for those alien wisps
Which a storm couldn't move with ten tons of cool air.
It's unfair.

Niko and Maya, AnnieO and our Daisy,
Whenever you show the whole harem goes crazy.
And they don't have to see you to know that you're there --
It's ST pheromones everywhere in the air.
But I think that it's Niko who will win at this race
After beating the rest, thus securing the place
At your side. And I wonder if this
Will end in inevitable marital bliss.

A grin lights my face as I think of the outcome:
A wife and a cat for the invincible one
And the former big harem irretrievably gone.
So I can't help but wonder if my luck will then change
My own choice of women to a much broader range.
I will dream of a visit to Tarkon tonight
And sincerely hope my prognosis is right.

Safely on holiday,

That Doc