Commander Nat Blight


Commander Nat Blight
Nat Blight Traash 020000001.png
Name Commander Nat Blight
Species Human
Status see below
Education Military
Origin Earth


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Command Posts

  • Commanded The Comanche, a Dreadnaught class spaceship. - Ref: Traash
  • Commanded The Laredo, a huge Destroyer class spaceship, possibly the same size as the Beta Space Station.. - Ref: Changeling, Armada

Important Relations


Blight vs Blade

  • GRCD1 and BM1.0 had the character named as "Commander Ned Blade", however the name is hard to discern depending on the voice actor speaking the line.
    • Commander Blight: Ref: Traash (05:20) As spoken by a bridge officer
    • Commander Blade: Ref: Armada (09:30)
    • Commander Blight: Ref: Changeling (01:39) (Blait?)

vs Blake

  • Or is it Nat Blake (Robert Blake, Father of the Royal Navy)?

Ned vs Nat


FanFic Note

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