Robert Bottone


Correspondence with Bill Perry

Hey all,
I got this email from a guy who saw my Ranger Interceptor kit and sent me

Hello, I was on the show... Now if I can find that Galaxy Ranger badge...
Nice model, watch out Bob Mandel might want a cut of your take.


I then asked him who he had played on the show and got this back:

T'was long ago... 
They managed to get many, many, voices out of some of us.
My main guy was Zozo, Little Zach, Brappo, some British bad guy
that gave that hero Supertrooper a hard time, a blackbird in an
alley, a museum curator, a spaced-out pilot, a masked extreme
So many crazy things happened on the fly.
It was a lot of fun.
Some members of the cast are dead.
The show was postproduced in an odd way
that would take a while to explain so I won't in this message.
I don't know how you would get in touch with anybody in a
position of decision. The distribution of the show is now handled
by Koch I believe. The Producer still holds the absolute rights
and his name is Robert Mandel. I know he shows up at comic
conventions fron time to time.
Google it up, you will find quite a bit of info.
Have Fun, 
Robert Bottone

Pretty neat!