The Death of Buzzwang - 01


The Death of Buzzwang - 01

by Chiang-Ku

Rated: Unrated

Buzzwang walked down the corridors of BETA, going towards the launch staging area. He had a mission- for once, he had a mission all to his very own.

He began to hurry, thinking that he might in fact be noticed better if he arrived earlier for the mission briefing. Scurrying around a corner, hestopped. A door was open, the door to the restricted blast zone area behind the launch tubes. 'That's unusual." buzzwang said, and walked over to it to close it. Just before he did, he thouht to himself ... 'I'll just havea peek inside, just to makesure nobody's in here.

He stepped inside, and failed to notice the flashing light over the door that warned of launch immenent.

Looking around the large room, he noticed two things immediately, it was completely empty, and the walls were scorched and seared by the intense heat of the drive exhaust.

Buzzwang was satisfied that there was nobody in the room, so he turned to leave, and noticed the automatic door had locked shut. 'Uh-oh.' He thought, even as he heard the whine of a starship's turbines as it prepared for launch.

Hours later, a clean-up crew walked into the blast chamber, and stopped when they saw the charred remains of a person against the far wall. Getting over their initial shock, they realised it wasn't a person, but a robot that looked like a person, and called Cueball.