by SilvreWolf

Rated: Unrated

If only he said it. Come right out and said it. I would have stayed with him. But we were troopers together. Teammates. Viab Survival demanded nothing less. What am I saying? He scared me and yet was so gentle. I remember looking at him while he was still in stasis, before his 'birth'. The 'Runt' of the litter. A baby faced monster in a bottle. Different was all they would call him. Once training began he changed. The 'Runt's a fighter. Even one eye couldn't argue with that so blindly beat him up. Pushed him down again and again until blood came from his face. He only got back up each time until they left him alone. His eyes flaring with hatred. At them? Or himself.

When we left, he asked me to stay. Never gave me a reason why, just asked me to stay. He's hunted us from Tortuna to the Empty Zone. He hounded us everywhere we went, until that day outside Lads office. A dozen times before that he caught us and we escaped. This time he beat us. Then let us go. He's the enemy. Sworn to hunt us down. But when backed into a corner I still couldn't fight him. My 'brother', maybe something more?

I've waited=85
Tried to show him=85
I don't know.

I remember the way he looked at me when no one's watching us during training. I remember the look on his face when Ray dragged me away from him. If only he would have said it! I would have stayed.

I would have stayed.