Everything Expected


Everything Expected

by Sam Newell

Rated: Unrated

The man hesitated slightly before sliding his key-card through the slot, he placed his hand on the screen. 
"Key-card and palm print authorised. Welcome to the cryocrypt Ranger Gooseman." Shane took a deep breath and stepped into the darkened chamber. Slowly he walked past the seemingly endless rows of the people he'd grown up with, even a few of his friends. Finally he reached the end of the chamber. Right at the end there had been eight empty capsules, seven for the Supertroopers at large and one for him. The last thought made Gooseman cringe involuntarily. He doubted that the board of leaders would have him frozen, but it was the threat constantly hanging over his head.

The capsule that he now stood by had been empty until a few days ago. One of the other rangers had brought the man in on a drug's trafficking charge and it turned out that it was one of the Supertroopers, the board of leaders were amazed. He'd been frozen within hours of being brought in. 
Even though the inside of the window was covered with frost, the man inside was unmistakable. The capsule contained Ryker Killbane.

Shane's breath came out s clouds of steam in the cold air. He'd known that this was a situation he'd have to face one day, but that didn't prepare him for the moment, for the guilt that he felt. As much as he tried to pretend otherwise, he felt responsible for every frozen Supertrooper.

He'd hated Killbane. Chased him, threatened him, fought by his side but always against him. Not once in all the time they'd known each other had the worked as a team. One was always trying to prove that they were better than the other. The fact that most of the other Supertroopers backed Killbane had led Goose to become a loner and eventually, a traitor. 
Now all that was left of Killbane was the frozen husk, inches away from his finger tips. 
Whenever Shane had thought of this day, he'd always imagined that he'd be happier, feel more secure. But the truth was that he didn't feel any of those emotions and probably wouldn't until the other five capsules were filled. Darkstar would never be in here. He silently vowed. He would do anything to make sure she was never frozen. He'd let her go in the past, he'd let her go again. Only five more capsules would be filled.

Sadly, Shane Gooseman turned his back on Killbane and walked slowly towards the exit, as silently as he entered, he left.