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by Ariel

Rated: Unrated

Summary: A - truly - short story about one of the more scintillating guest characters from this universe - Mogul, the last of the Space Sorcerers and his notorious servant, Larry. No previous information required in order to read this story.

It was a fateful night for the Galaxy. It was the kind of night where supernovae rose from the remnants of dying stars and mighty civilizations fell. It was a night where the Galaxy chose to remember, for a few moments, the mightiest beings that had ever explored it. These moments were really few, because it was not a pleasant memory. The space sorcerers, an incredibly powerful race whose origins were lost in the ancient mists of time, had managed to redecorate a lot during the comparatively short span of time they inhabited said galaxy. It had taken a lot of time to clean up after they eventually succeeded in destroying themselves.

And yet... one remained.

A being endowed with all the wisdom and powers of his race, striving tirelessly to bring back at least a few of the others. Beings who would support him in his attempts of changing the face of this galaxy.


It had taken many years of careful planning, but now the moment had finally arrived. Nebulae swirled in nervous anticipation of what was to come. Minor suns intensified their flares.

And now the last of this great race of sorcerers raised his four arms in the time-honored gesture of invocation. They hovered there for a time, motionless, then finally descended in a shower of sparks. And the great sorcerer spoke thusly:

"Larry, you damned idiot! Where are those starstones?!"

The little apprentice hurried to the side of his master, an expression of worry on his wrinkled face.

"Dunno, master... They kind of dissolved when I touched them. Wanted to tell you earlier, but you was so busy with the incantation and stuff."

"Larry..." Recognizing almost instantly the blatant pointlessness of a lecture, the sorcerer sighed and waved his apprentice away.

"Larry, with an apprentice such as you, one needs no enemies... Do you actually know how much time it took to get enough starstones together? I'll have to start over. *Again.*" The last word was spoken in a tone of unmistakable menace. Luckily, the servant with the ridiculous name of Larry had already left the hall.

The Galaxy breathed, relieved.

And somewhere in the shadows, a tall figure allowed himself a minute smile before he slowly vanished.