Words I'll Never Say


Words I'll Never Say

 I'm not a man to waste words. I'm not one of these people who talks just to hear himself talk. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve...whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. 

  How do I tell her she's more important to me than my own life? How do I tell her that she makes my days brighter every time she smiles? How can I ever explain that, to me, she is the very definition of the word "love"? 

  I don't know. I've never known. 

  All I know is that from the first moment I saw her, my world's never been the same. From the instant we met, I knew that I'd never truly be alone again. That I'd always have one person there in my corner. 

  And now I'm standing here, looking at her, at the silken waterfall of her auburn hair, the gentle curve of her slim hips, the calm serenity of her blue-green eyes, and I know just how important she is to me. 

  She's the peace that I've always been looking for, the heart that I've always lacked, the compassion that balances the callousness I've needed to protect myself from the blows of life. 

  She's the one thing that I can never have, because she deserves so much better than me. I won't taint her beauty with the ugliness inside me. I won't bind her to a creature born to live in chains. I won't ....

...I love her.

  That's why I can never tell her. Because God help her if she ever fell in love with me.