William Ester Sawyer


William Ester Sawyer
William ester sawyer-Bio.jpg
Name William Ester Sawyer
Alias Billy
Species Human
Status In school on Earth
Origin Earth
Parents Max Sawyer
Unnamed mother (deceased)


William Ester Sawyer is called "Billy". Max Sawyer is his father.

Writers Guide

  • On Page 26, there is a character named "Jinx", who never appeared in the series yet his backstory (minus the powers) sounds much like William's own backstory in Gift of Life:

Jinx is a nine-year-old alien boy whose parents were killed by outlaws. He has the uncanny knack of causing bad luck to occur to people who he encounters. The Rangers take care of him and try to clean up after him. Jinx has vowed to "get" the outlaws that massacred his family. In his case, "getting" them would be easy. All he'd have to do would be to move in with them. When on screen, Jinx will usually have a small black cloud floating over his head. Sometimes a careful observer can tell who will next be visited by Jinx's contagious bad luck because a small black cloud will form over the unlucky person. This would have interesting results during a hot game of chance.

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