Video Lineup


The following was received as part of an email from Christopher Rowley sent to the Ranger-L mailing list back in May 2000. From a fan perspective, you can image how it cool it was not only to be hearing about the possibility of the videos being issued, but also being part of the suggestion process.

-- [ From: kaymo * EMC.Ver #3.0 ] --
OK folks, this is from Robert himself... these are the video reissue sets.
Rabbi Bob, would you like to put this up on the site...
And Robert is taking suggestions...this lineup isn't all set in stone.

Galaxy Rangers Collectors Video Sets

Volume One

Volume Two

Volume Three

Volume Four

Volume Five

Volume Six

Volume Seven

Volume Eight

Volume Nine

Volume Ten

Volume Eleven


Fatima did some quick math and came up with this list only having 55 of the 65 episodes. We're all curious to see what happens to the remaining ten.

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