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July 19.2020

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Batch 22 Would Have Been Better

I am curious if I jinxed things with the December tweet: I usually close with a Next Month teaser and that month I used "Next Month: See if we survived this month!" I had no idea what was coming up next for us all. I won't go to far into how this year has gone as we're all living it together, but at this point maybe letting Brainchild release Batch-22 wouldn't be such a bad idea. It has been seven months since the last official update and while this update will be rather short, I hope everyone is as well as everyone can be right now.

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Licensing Package

Licensing Package Cover

A friend of the site and series loaned a copy of the Galaxy Rangers licensing package to us for scanning and we've posted that in its entirety here on the site. The package contains the main characters, some villains and ships, and some other interesting items. If you were ever wondering exactly what shade of blue those ranger uniforms were, or what color were Niko's eyes, the information is there.

A short time after this find came to light, another one appeared on the Internet in France and is now safely in Spain! That particular bundle included some correspondence documents as well as the official documents. Great find!

You can view the entire Licensing Packet here!

If you're really bored, you can watch the unpackaging here on Twitter. A big thank you to the owner of the package for making this possible!

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Series 6 Podcast

The Series 6 Podcast has put out three episodes since the last update:

I now really feel like I'm slacking.

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Custom Toys

Doc Lazarus Funko 2019.jpg

I took some direction from Marienro2's article Making Custom Galaxy Rangers Figures and made my own custom Doc! I'm pretty happy with the results on the attempt as arts & crafts are not one of my strong points. In this picture, you'll see someone else... Lazarus Slade! This is a one of a kind 3D modeled and printed as a concept test (note that he is unsanded). This was done in Blender and I am currently going through Fusion360 tutorials to learn that platform. I have a very specific item I want to make and print out, however it's advanced enough that I'm forcing myself through those tutorials. If you're interested in Fusion360, I'm tracking my progress here.

Marienro2 has created more custom characters for her menagerie and we'll add links to those on upcoming updates.

December 3.2019

Two Years, Twenty Years, Who Is Counting?

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Twenty Years

Last month marked 20 years since first hit the web! Below are some of the slogans that were tossed about the Ranger-L mailing list. Yes, we were a silly bunch!

  • BetaMountain.Org - The Psychocrypt-Refugee Camp
  • BetaMountain.Org - The animation continues.
  • BetaMountain.Org - Where you can get seasick and airsick at the same time.
  • BetaMountain.Org - "No Guts, No Glory": It's Not Just a Slogan, It's a Philosophy
  • BetaMountain.Org - We Put the E Back in ET
  • BetaMountain.Org - Galaxy Rangers Cheerfully Tormented Here
  • BetaMountain.Org - The Adventure Continues
  • BetaMountain.Org - β All You Can β
  • BetaMountain.Org - Where you get Super Trooper Juice instead of simple lemonade!
  • BetaMountain.Org - "No Wheiner's Allowed!"
  • BetaMountain.Org - See the Six Foot tall Chicken...and his pet monkey!
  • BetaMountain.Org - Four Rangers, Two Ambassadors, and a Butt kickin' Spaceship!
  • BetaMountain.Org - Here to prove that Space is not necessarily the Final Frontier
  • BetaMountain.Org - Rangers Are Forever!
  • BetaMountain.Org - Galaxy Rangers. The last best hope for after school television.
  • BetaMountain.Org - "Oh my GOD! They have Niko and Goose HAVING SEX!" <click here to access the FAN FICTION archives> ^_^

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Two Years

Two years have passed since we got the site back, which involved a bit of timing, a random conversation on Twitter and the love of the show carried by one @Marienro2 (you can read all that here). A lot has happened in the last 24 months, both on the site and real life, and we are happily plodding along making updates as we can. Marienro2 has been instrumental in cataloging the Fanfic that we've been able to locate on the web. Bringing together the 500+ list of stories where some stories are still active on sites (looking at you AKK!), some have been lost yet saved at, and where some exist on Fanfic & Ao3, and cataloging appearances has been no easy task. Ever wonder what Fanfic Larry has appeared in? If so, that is part of the ongoing cataloging!

For all of the creators that keep in touch and the fans that drop by: Thank you!

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Custom Figures

For this anniversary we are showcasing a thing that comes out of the fan space and who better to provide that thing than @Marienro2?! She has taken her Galaxy Rangers interest to the custom figure space and was nice enough to send us a write up of her journey. Check out Making Custom Galaxy Rangers Figures and see how this and other figures came about! Thank you @Marienro2!

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Winter is Here

Blender Model

Snow hits, winter is here. Maybe not Dan Fiorella Winter in NYC winter, but snow has hit (work is delayed\cancelled right now in our region) and that means time for indoor projects.

We purchased a 3D printer and have been having a lot of fun printing out things and learning how to design things. Sites and programs such as Thingiverse, Tinkercad, Blender, Cura, and others have filled up the hard drive with different random objects for weeks. And then I found a model that has taken up the better part of the last week of evenings. While I liked the blank figure as a template, it needed something more and as you can see in the thumbnail, my updated version has pose-able arms and a swivel head. When I'm happy with that model, I plan to upload it to Thingiverse to give back to the community. I can't tell you what I'm doing with it, but I will say that the test model head is almost complete. More to come!


I took a class early this summer for writing and I posted my final essay titled "Why Do Children Have To Watch Their Childhood Heroes Die?" on my website. Series writer Lance Strate lent some words for it and thankfully it graded well. Thank you Lance!

September 14.2019

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On This Day in 1986

On a Sunday 33[1] years ago we got a chance to watch the run of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, presumably in pajamas and with a bowl of cereal in hand, on one of many TV stations across America. [2].

The art, writing, music and overall journey of the group captured the imaginations of quite a few youngsters at the time, and while it wasn't able to pick up additional seasons, it created a lasting impression on viewers in the form of art, fan fiction, and other various influences. Check out Tara O'Shea's 2004 interview with series creator Robert Mandell for some insight behind the scenes and his thoughts on the series.

Happy anniversary Galaxy Rangers!

No guts, no glory!

August 25.2019

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Hasbro and Entertainment One

Peppa Pig... I just learned of Peppa's existence on the trip (see next section), it is completely out of my scope of attention. I heard recently that Hasbro paid out $4 billion dollars and that Peppa Pig was part of the purchase deal. First, what is it with $4 billion these days? Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion. Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion.

I completely glossed over any other detail of the transaction until MaryNiko pointed out that it was Entertainment One that was purchased. You can read that and some of my earlier research on essentially "what became of Koch?" here in the [forums]. The Market Watch headline read Hasbro gets Peppa Pig, and lots more, with $4 billion Entertainment One acquisition and you might be wondering why does this matter? That gem is found in Canadian Media Producers Association's ongoing list of Signatory Producers link, which gets updated online from time to time. Within that documentation of CMPA (formerly CFTPA) Signatory Producers 2015 to 2017 (extended to June 30, 2019) Animation up to April 9, 2019) is found an interesting one liner:

Entertainment One Television Productions Ltd for "Galaxy Rangers"

What's next? Toys? A reboot? Should Grant Gould brush off some of that concept art?

Unfortunately that's all I can scrape up for now with a search engine. If you know more, join the discussion in the [forums] or message me on the Twitters via @betamountain!

Saddest Screenshot Ever.jpg
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Anniversary #20

Still alive, having a great busy summer. For our 20th wedding anniversary, we took a trip to Scotland with the kids to visit friends and family across the pond. Had a wonderful time in Edinburgh, Glasgow and finished up the travels in London where we caught the West End production of Hamilton!

2019 GlenCoeHighlands Small.jpg

That stitch of 15+ photos of Glen Coe Scotland prints at 12"x48"+ and I'm debating on creating a triptych of it. Such a beautiful place!

Site updates came to a screeching halt as I've been taking some time to do some house projects while the weather is good, plus I'm debating on how to handle media uploads in the face of a certain site that begins with the letter "P". I should write about that someday as it really takes the air out of my tires.

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  • Found Mel C. Horse earlier this summer! (Ranger-L subscribers know of whom I type!)
  • Changed the current banner due to a Twitter mention of the Bovo Cattle. (image link for future ref)
  • Friend of the site Maria has been crafting custom Galaxy Rangers figures! See the work below! (Maybe we can convince her to write about how these were done!?)
  • I really have nowhere in the house to record and with the help of my son, we are building a space in the attic, making a custom desk, and putting some recording gear up there. We put down the floor yesterday and measured for the desk and after all was done for the day, I put my amp up and played a little guitar. With respect (and apologies) to Myles Hunter, here is a cover snippet of Psychocrystal
  • A "quick" update apparently takes about 30 minutes to do. Or long if you find typos in the re-read.

June 8.2019

It's been a little while since the last update. Someone thought it would be a good idea to take an accelerated 7 week course of "Rhetoric and Composition" just before a major trip and guess what? It apparently, just like this site, requires a lot of writing (typing) and time!

Series 6 Podcast

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The Series 6 Podcast put a new podcast recently with a look (listen?) behind the scenes as the how the sausage gets dropped, rolled around on the floor, and finally made. Check the Longshot episode here.

I threw together a little video based on the "Brazilian Art Thieves" portion of the episode. It stirs up my thoughts on Pinterest which I should get out in the open some day soon as it is holding me up from doing a lot of things here, but it isn't as bad as having your artwork end up on for sale bootleg DVDs.

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Propiolic Acid Anhydride

While looking up a reference picture, I came across the mention of C6H2O3 in Birds of a Feather, which ends up being the formula to create a Super Plago. I went down a rabbit hole and AKK helped be back out of it. Check that out on the [forums].

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Creator Updates

Dan Fiorella

Dan has a run of "Adventures in Hardly-wood" stories on his blog that I've been reading and having fun time with. Curious what happens when you answer a Craigs List “Seeking Comedy Writer for major studio venture” ad? Then read on![3]

Finally, this needs somehow become a t-shirt, or the basis for the truest of Hallmark cards:

Here's the thing, I'm like the king of apathy, with a default setting of "annoyed." - Dan Fiorella[4]

Lance Strate

Lance is back to blogging and has put up My Take On Game of Thrones this past week. This is his take, not mine, though I'm not disagreement. There are a lot of great references in this article.

One note: I'd like to leave Elric of Melniboné right there on paper and in my head while I tell everyone to get off my lawn.

Larry Rosenthal

Larry provided some background on Miller's Glove from Birds of a Feather and One Million Emotions and you can read that here. (Thank you Larry)

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  • Always great to see I had a blatant spelling mistake from the last update: We have quote a few postings in this area this month! Good thing I'm not a writer.
  • Speaking of which, back to homework.

Goose and Triton - Ep19 Scarecrow.jpg

Goose and Triton on Granna
Episode 19 - Scarecrow

March 30.2019

Avast! It's a whale of an update for March! Space Moby galore, Series 6 Podcast publishes, What TV station did you watch the series on? 499 Fanfic links, Creator Updates and maple syrup!

Series 6 Podcast

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The Series 6 Team along with guests Drew and Andrew of the Figure Knights review Space Moby! Check that out here for more info and how to subscribe.

Space Moby The Re-Telling

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Space moby010.jpg

More Space Moby fun, series writer Dan Fiorella provided us with a re-telling of the episode. We've freshened up the screenshots and you can read the submission to out about that musical instrument and space-puns here!

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Site Updates & New Items

TV Station Listings

  • Mark Lungo has been updating a number of TV station listings based initially on the Starlog Magazine issue #125 over at and after doing a lot of research to curate the listing, he's brought it to the site! Check out the Syndication Listings page! Thanks Mark
    • If anyone happens to have a lead on what station GR aired in Denver, CO please let us know!


  • Added Rationalizations for Being a Member of the Series 5 Team from GRCD1!
  • MaryNiko has been supplying the information for cataloging what characters and locations appear in fanfic stories, which means a lot of reading and typing. This past month, that work got combined into the site and it's helping make finding a character across multiple stories even easier!
  • Over the past 32+ years there has been a lot of fanfic written and posted in various places (personal sites,, ArchiveOfOurOwn, mailing lists, the GRCD's) and there hasn't been a place to find the majority of the works. We've finally done it! Check out the Fanfic page and see the new sortable table of information. Over time we will be updating, correcting, adding, etc to the table (including fixing holes). If you see any issues or want your fanfic added (or removed), let us know! If you have fanfic you'd like added to the site here as well, don't hesitate to get in touch! 499 fanfic stories are currently listed!

Website Back End Updates

  • Near the end of April we will be doing some site updates which will make the site inaccessible during the work.
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Creator Updates

We have quite a few postings in this area this month!

Dan Fiorella

  • Before he was on the Series 6 Podcast, Dan was a guest on Mark Arnold's Fun Ideas Podcast (episodes 7 & 8). Mark and Dan were both contributing writers to Cracked! magazine during its run.

Glen A. Schofield

Podcast Interview
Ars Technica

Dennis Woodyard

John Van Tongeren

  • A recent video posting from John Van Tongeren's band Trinom3

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Space Yogurt

SpaceMoby Series6 15 SpaceYogurt.jpg

If you've been watching Netflix's Love, Death & Robots anthology, you probably saw the "When the Yogurt Took Over" episode and I couldn't get the Space Yogurt from Space Moby out of my head. LDR is NSFW but an interesting watch. If you haven't seen it yet and liked anthology stories that are akin to the Heavy Metal series, go watch it now!

Maple Syrup

March and April are big months in the New England due to maple syrup season being underway. We tap maple trees on our property, boil down the sap and jar a few gallons of maple syrup for own enjoyment (re: on ice cream, in oatmeal, on pancakes and french toast). This process takes two or three weekends to do and usually takes up most of the month's spare time. This year we have the process down and where I was afraid I would only have a few points to discuss, it ends up being the biggest update in months!

What if... maple flavored Space Yogurt???!!!

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  1. 33 is a magic number
  2. We are fantasizing a little here, we don't have actual confirmation that Zach, Niko, Goose and Doc lit up screens simultaneously across the U.S., rolling with the time zones, but you hopefully get the idea!
  3. At the time of posting there wasn't a category grouping on Dan's blog that I could see, so I've listed them in order as I've found them. There may be more over time, be sure to check his blog for more.
  4. Christian the Poet