Bovo Cattle


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Bovo Cattle
Name Bovo Cattle
Species Genetically modified cattle
Status Eating. Everything.
Appearance Big and hungry
Ability Be delicious
Origin Bovo Labs
Death Bovo 6: failed DNA modifications


Cattle information (lower right corner) appears in Max Sawyer's DNA project list.

There were many different kinds of Bovo-Cattle produced by Bovo and they mainly do one thing: eat everything in sight and produce enormous amounts of waste. They are normally docile, however if there is a stampede they will run down whatever is in their path.

Data retrieved from the computer of Max Sawyer (Gift of Life) displayed a possible connection between Max and at least early iterations of the Bovo cattle DNA project.


Bovo 6

Bovo 6
  • Internal Bovo scientific reports marked the Bovo 6 line of cattle a failure as the genetic modifications resulted in the cows dying and their meat being unusable due to poisoning (In Sheep's Clothing). Bovo went to great lengths to cover this up and blamed the death of the cattle on the Lycans in the area.
Bovo-6 DNA

Bovo 9

Bovo 9

Bovo 15

Bovo 15
  • The Bovo 15 appear in Round-Up and are the most advanced branch of the Bovo cattle genetic line. They are worth their weight in gold!

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