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Welcome to, the online spot for all of your Galaxy Rangers needs!
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Within this site you'll find episode and character information, insight on the creation of the show from the creators themselves who have shared with us over the years, and fan created fiction & art. We are updating the site steadily and if you have a question, you can get in touch with us at @betamountain on Twitter.

July 19.2020

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Batch 22 Would Have Been Better

I am curious if I jinxed things with the December tweet: I usually close with a Next Month teaser and that month I used "Next Month: See if we survived this month!" I had no idea what was coming up next for us all. I won't go to far into how this year has gone as we're all living it together, but at this point maybe letting Brainchild release Batch-22 wouldn't be such a bad idea. It has been seven months since the last official update and while this update will be rather short, I hope everyone is as well as everyone can be right now.

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Licensing Package

Licensing Package Cover

A friend of the site and series loaned a copy of the Galaxy Rangers licensing package to us for scanning and we've posted that in its entirety here on the site. The package contains the main characters, some villains and ships, and some other interesting items. If you were ever wondering exactly what shade of blue those ranger uniforms were, or what color were Niko's eyes, the information is there.

A short time after this find came to light, another one appeared on the Internet in France and is now safely in Spain! That particular bundle included some correspondence documents as well as the official documents. Great find!

You can view the entire Licensing Packet here!

If you're really bored, you can watch the unpackaging here on Twitter. A big thank you to the owner of the package for making this possible!

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Series 6 Podcast

The Series 6 Podcast has put out three episodes since the last update:

I now really feel like I'm slacking.

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Custom Toys

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I took some direction from Marienro2's article Making Custom Galaxy Rangers Figures and made my own custom Doc! I'm pretty happy with the results on the attempt as arts & crafts are not one of my strong points. In this picture, you'll see someone else... Lazarus Slade! This is a one of a kind 3D modeled and printed as a concept test (note that he is unsanded). This was done in Blender and I am currently going through Fusion360 tutorials to learn that platform. I have a very specific item I want to make and print out, however it's advanced enough that I'm forcing myself through those tutorials. If you're interested in Fusion360, I'm tracking my progress here.

Marienro2 has created more custom characters for her menagerie and we'll add links to those on upcoming updates.

Help Wanted

That's right, we're looking for help adding words and art to the site, specifically your items! Click here for more info.

Galaxy Rangers ON DVD!


Looking for the series? You can get the whole series on DVD by picking up The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Volume 1 and Volume 2!

GR Creators

If you are one of the GR Creators, we want to hear from you! Click here!

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