If You Are One of the GR Creators

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First and foremost, Thank You! You were part of creating a series provided a great range of stories, characters, technology, and nuances that hooked many of us. Looking back we know that the show wasn't like other shows and the following excerpt from the About the Series article sums up what we found so endearing about it, but also the unfortunate outcome of providing a show that was outside of the typical formula:

The show is atypical, too, in that the good guys do not always win, or at least not hands down. Although Zachary and the Series Five team rescue Eliza Foxx's body from the Psychocrypt, the Queen still holds Eliza's psychocrystal, a story thread that is never resolved in the series' 65 episodes. At times villains escape, although it's usually in the wake of a larger triumph. Still, the ambiguity that makes GR so popular with an adult audience was undoubtedly a factor in the demise of the show.

This site in name was created by fans in 1999 and was meant to be a central hub for all things Galaxy Rangers. A site to connect the other sites, hold the data and be a repository for fans of the series. Through an unfortunate series of events, the site went dark for many years and fell off to the Empty Zone until late 2017. We're happy to be able to bring the site back and are updating and adding content as we discover it.

What Are You Doing These Days?

We're always interested in stories or insight from producing the series, and we like to hear about new projects, general news, or even "I'm retired, living on the beach and sketching until the sun goes down!"

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Final item: there's a podcast over at Two gentlemen are reviewing the series episode by episode, and we're trying to support them whenever we can because they are fun and they were indirectly instrumental in the re-obtainment of this site.