Help Wanted


Help Wanted

If you enjoyed Galaxy Rangers and want to contribute to the site, we are always looking for episode reviews or re-tellings, artwork, fan-fiction, etc! There's a short list here of items.

Please note that we are big on attribution and we're looking for your original work. The internet is full of material and we will seek permission to use content whenever possible. If you have someone else's work and would like to see it on the site, point them our way!

If you are a creator of the series, please click here.

Contact Info

* We can be contacted via email ( webmaster @ ) or Twitter @betamountain

Reviews and Retellings

We're looking for Episode reviews or re-tellings. If you're interested:

  • Check with us to see if anyone has the episode bookmarked.
  • Have your own copy of the show
  • Watch the episode and write your own experience with it
    • Keep it PG-13 at the max, we're trying to be family friendly when we can.

For examples, we're looking for something that falls between a straight-forward retelling like Heartbeat or a full on review like Mindnet.

What will happen

  • The submission will be reviewed, we are looking for a fairly good composition, not a masterpiece, but something we'll all be happy with.
  • Upon acceptance, Rabbi Bob will need to queue up the show and grab screencaps, then the adding to the site process will begin.
  • Upon completion the article will be a permanent part of the site!

Examples of fan submitted reviews\re-tellings:

Bonus points for a list of each of the following:

  • Characters (by name or desc if no name)
    • Including tweekers, cybersteeds, etc
  • Locations by name
    • BETA Mountain, Tarkon, Excellent, etc
  • Ships
    • Loredo, Comanche, Ranger One
    • Minor ships like the Queen's fighters can be ignored

Art Work

  • Email us!
  • Tell us how you want to be credited
  • Watermarks are fine (see the note at the top about original works)

Fan Fiction

  • Tell us how you want to be credited

We're still working through an existing pile of Fan Fiction. If you'd like to edit on the site, we can certainly discuss that, but please be aware we are working out how we want the items to appear and be linked, so it's not cut and dry yet.