The Scarecrow


The Scarecrow
Name The Scarecrow
Alias The Ravager of Worlds, The Awakened One
Species Unique
Age Ancient
Status Immortal? Dead? Who knows!
Ability Shape shift, handles live power
Origin With the Ancient Ones


Old bad guy. Centuries old malevolent force taken shape. Always seems to single out Niko to shoot at or try to kill. Is somehow connected to the Heart of Tarkon.

During a recent list discussion of the Scarecrow's origin, series writer Christopher Rowley recalled the following:

"I can't remember exactly, was Granna a Terraformed world? ..<clipped>....I think that originally it was a barren rock. The Scarecrow entity was dumped there either as a punishment or simply because it couldn't be turned off. I think the idea was that the Scarecrow thing then became dormant, grew into a cyst that could survive there in the dark forever. Then, much later, humans came and set to making soil and stirring it around."

Alternate Forms

The Scarecrow could shift to the form of other characters.

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