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January 23.2002: Looking for a contest idea

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Looking for a contest idea. If you have some ideas of a contest that might be fair for the majority of visitors to, please drop me a line at webmaster @ or participate in the forum topic here: (404) Thanks : )

January 19.2002 - Misc

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif I think I was looking for info on FLCL: FURI KURI when I came across it, but I found 'images from the re-mastered version of Super Dimensional Fortress Macross' over at (404) and they are pretty nic
BM1.0 Icon RecycleEmpty.gif Updated Zach's character bio with background info from the AOTGR Writer's Guidebook. Check that out here. Other character updating forthcoming.

January 12.2002: School

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif My last semester of school starts Monday and I thought that the last month went pretty well as far as updates and material. I'll be leaving December up for a bit due to the things that came about then. I had the time to re-read The Two Towers & Return of the King while I wait for my copy of Battledragon to arrive, which always turns out to be a good read no matter how many times I return to it.

My last act of vacation (note to BFS: I am getting away today as described!) was getting a better search engine on the site. The last one couldn't find anything I wanted anymore and I realized that it wasn't pulling its weight anymore. I moved it to the right hand menu and deleted about two paragraphs of problems I posted about 10 minutes ago relating to problems I was having getting it to work properly.

And you thought this was all mindless fun, didn't you? If you do, then maybe you can expand on 'Wanted- teasing name for Lazarus Slate' (Slade) over at the forum and at the moment we're at 'Lazzie Poo'

The coffee cup is empty and I'm going skiing for the day :)

January 11.2002: John Buscema 1927-2001, More Dan Fiorella & Prairie Home Companion, Chris Rowley books on eBay

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif While in no way related to Galaxy Ranger news, but possibly an influence on the artists that work on the series and definitely someone's work that I've admired in my youth, it's a sad note to post that John Buscema passed away January 10th, 2001 according to the Official John Buscema website. If you were into the Avengers, Conan, or Tarzan to name a few, there's a good chance you've seen his work.
BM1.0 Icon Goose.gif Dan Fiorella has had some more material used at Prairie Home Companion radio broadcast (see Dec 27, 01 below). This one is entitled 'Hawaiian Celebrities' and comes with RealAudio to here the skit.
  • Hawaiian Celebrities
BM1.0 Icon RecycleEmpty.gif Good flow of harder to find Christopher Rowley books on eBay lately, especially out of print material. Check the links below 'eBay' on the left hand menu.

Also, while that link searches for the full author name, I did come across simply C+Rowley in the search engine. It if keeps occurring, perhaps I'll add it.

January 05.2002: eBay/DVD rant

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif [RANT] Check out the forum for my GR eBay/DVD rant. [/RANT] I couldn't take it anymore. This one is lost forever - Bob

January 01.2002: H.N.Y.

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Happy New Year!

Nothing new really. December was a good month for updates, so be sure to check out everything below. I was able to track down a copy of Battledragon and it should arriving next week in the mail.
BM1.0 QBall Icon.gif Don't forget to check out the new forum!

December 27.2001: Dan Fiorella at Prairie Home Companion

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Dan Fiorella has a few bits of material that appears on various A Prairie Home Companion radio broadcasts from time to time. Some parts appears credited as 'extra material' or 'idea contributed by.' Below is a list that their search engine turned up and I'm still listening to the RealAudio clips as I type this.

Here's the list: (404)
  • Taliban Script (Dec 2001)
  • 12 days of Christmas (Dec 1999)
  • Virginia (Dec 1999)
  • American Duct Tape Council (Oct 2001)
  • Abbott & Othello (Oct 1999)
  • The Old Storyteller (May 2001)
  • Mount Rushmore (Nov 1999)
  • Guy Noir (Dec 2001)

December 25.2001: Betamountain Forum, Christmas Fanfic

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Merry Christmas!
BM1.0 Icon Goose.gif AKK has yet another Christmas fanfic (she never rests, I swear). Check out A Christmas Dream over on her site.
BM1.0 QBall Icon.gif Tried this back in the first year with a couple of cgi forum programs with little success, but I figured it was time to give it a whirl again. Using the old server we used to be on, I've started the Betamountain Forum. To use it, you'll have to register as a user, but then it's all open from there. 180 different profile pictures from the series to choose from, instant messaging/inbox/outbox and other neat things are available. Hopefully it will become a tool for the GR community and those who don't feel like joining the mailing list can use it to interact with the rest of us nuts.

Yes, there are pop-ups....
BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Betamountain "I don't like pop-ups" section
Posted 12.25.01

The dirty laundry section that applies mostly to the forum. Aside to what is here, you'll have to find your own way to deal with pop-ups. : )

I've posted this on the forum already, but why not mention it here :)
A note on pop-ups. Yes, there here as this is the old site server. I didn't want to potentially slow down the main site with this forum and this was my decision to avoid that. You can kill each popup as they come (which just means an endless barrage of pop-ups), you can move them down beneath your task bar as far as possible (which just means your browser will lose focus, which I agree with Fatima, just sucks) or you can head over to and download webwash 3.0. AKK mentioned it yesterday and I'm quite enjoying it. I'm sure there are other banner killer programs. These are just some suggestions. CG (who is responsible for the framework of this site) mentioned that
"Konqueror, an excellent browser, availalbe for most platforms, allows you to allow JavaScript and at the same time disallow pop-up windows. This way you can get rid of the problem entirely. Konqueror supports JavaScript, Java, DOM, CSS, most Netscape plugins (!) and is freely available from You can also easily specify a cookie policy per-site."
<i>And speaking of cookies. You'll need to have either cookies enabled or let the site have cookies on your system (webwash will have to have the site allowed). The cookies are set to expire 360 minutes and if you feel like you're always logging in, this is most likely why. - Pop-Up Stopper Pro 1.6

December 23.2001: Bulletproof Monk

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif ...and one day later I come across Cy Voris again in the mainstream. Bulletproof Monk credits Cy Voris & Ethan Reiff for screenwriting in an upcoming film starring Chow Yun Fat & with John Woo in the current production credits. I checked out only to find (as written about) that it only posts to MGM's movie site. A few links later, I found the following sites:
  • - Hunter Helming BULLETPROOF MONK? (404)
  • - Casting (404)
  • - bulletproof monk (404)
  • - details (no frills, but informative and updated!) (404)

And of course, []

December 22.2001: Toys, Renegade Rangers from Cy Voris, Dan Fiorella, Christmas fanfic, more..

BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif The semester is over, all the tests and projects are done and only seven more credit hours until graduation. It feels good. If you haven't seen Fellowship of the Ring yet, you should. No spoilers (if that's possible, but it has been surfacing that not everyone has read the books, so I won't spoil). Just an amazing movie and the greatest downfall is that it will be 12 months until the next one.

Snow is everywhere and the seasonal transition has been made. Yes, that means removing the bike and kayak racks to put the ski rack up on the car <EG>. We went from almost no snow to nine inches on the 21st.
BM1.0 Icon Goose.gif Found some toy pictures online at [] for whatever reason, there is no direct link, so click here to see the pics. It would be noteworthy to mention that Ryan Murphy also has an excellent toy gallery on his site here.
BM1.0 Icon RecycleEmpty.gif Dan Fiorella recently appeared on Staten Island Live website ( with a little rant titled 'Whither Weatherman?' It's nice to know that this sort of thing isn't just restricted to Maine.
BM1.0 Icon Full.gif AKK has her collection of annual GR Christmas stories posted at her site. Give 'The Christmas Trilogy' a read!
BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Ok, enough teasing. Sometimes it feels like I come up with more things to get people to leave the site than to stick around. With that in mind, you should grab something to drink and munch on, then head over to see the scanned copy of the Renegade Rangers screenplay. Thanks to Cy Voris for sending the copy and to Lee T. for taking the time out to scan the 20 or so pages. So. Merry Christmas from and consider this your early present from us.

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