King Spartos


King Spartos
Name King Spartos
Species Human
Status King (adored)
Origin Tarkon
Children Princess Maya, daughter


The noble and wise king of the planet Tarkon, he is an honest man, but his associates tend to be far from it. Several times, the Rangers (more specifically Doc and Niko) have put a halt to greedy noblemen vying for the throne

Spartos values tradition and the stability of the Tarkonian people. He once saw all advanced technology as a threat, and fought a long and bitter civil war against his only child, Princess Maya, to preserve Tarkon's neutrality and simple way of life. Maya, the Shaman, and the Rangers eventually convinced him that the only way Tarkon was to survive was to embrace technology and sign with the League of Planets.

Spartos seems, in some ways, to be a hybrid of King Arthur and Jaga the Wise (ironically enough, also voiced by Earl Hammond). He wants what is best for his people and planet, but is very steeped in tradition. He also trusts the Rangers, especially Doc (who stopped not one, but TWO scheming noblemen).

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