Galaxy Ranger Rationalizations


  1. Bending the rules is how I get my kicks.
  2. Biodefenses, Psychic Gifts, Thunderbolts, and Tweakers; need I say more?
  3. Cybersteeds are MUCH smarter than the Queen's mutated mounts!
  4. Doc can hack into the school computers and erase my bad grades.
  5. Geezy is always intimidated enough to give good information.
  6. GV and ALMA are cooler than flight attendants.
  7. Having a highly-skilled teammate watch your back is a smart idea.
  8. I can always fight my way out of insanely impossible odds.
  9. I get to visit far-flung planets (Tortuna, Tarkon, Granna, etc.)
  10. I live to see the ongoing romantic angst between Goose and Niko.
  11. I'm taking "nasty glare" lessons from Zach. If ANYTHING can intimidate Senator Wheiner...
  12. It's NEVER dull.
  13. My reasons of "Why I Became a Galaxy Ranger" are in the hundreds.
  14. My reasons why I'm sorry I did it are in the thousands.
  15. My singing voice and musical talents have improved greatly over time.
  16. No guts, no glory!
  17. Nobody ticks the Series Fives off and gets away with it!
  18. Ranger One and Goose's Interceptor are the only ways to fly.
  19. The leftover power in my badge comes in handy during blackouts.
  20. Three words: Series Five Implants.
  21. Walsh usually gives 24 hours to do the impossible.
  22. Who else can dress up as Zanquil peddlers every other week and get away with it?
  23. You can see see Niko every day.

New Additions and Thoughts

  1. You get to say cheesey one-liners as if it was the norm.[1]
  2. and if you do not want to have problems with the blonde ... do not call him a metamorph![2]
  3. or hurt his dolphins[3]
  4. never leave Rusty alone with Doc![4]
    • (It would be dangerous for the human race ... and for Q-Ball)

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