Speed Slaver, aka, the Revenge of Trixie


Speed Slaver

aka The Revenge of Trixie

by Bruinhilda

          The track whipped by, a blur of grey, as Speed Racer sailed the Mach 5 around the course, towards the finish line. Standing there, holding the flag, was Carmen ElDorado, the sexiest woman in the world. Just seeing her was enough to send Speed into ecstatic fantasizing. The things that woman could do with a checkered flag...
          Speed blasted by, winning the race. It was almost too easy. Nothing could beat the Mach 5. Oh well, it beat losing.
          Mom, Pop, Spridle, Chim-Chim, Sparky, and Carmen all came running to congratulate him. Thankfully, Trixe was nowhere in sight. He didn't need one of her scenes today.
          Carmen ran to hug him, and a silly grin crept across his face. He held out his arms and closed his eyes, so he didn't see the red haze that suddenly surrounded him.
          Carmen stopped, perplexed. The crowd gasped.
          Speed Racer had vanished from the face of the earth.

          Speed was beginning to feel silly. Carmen was taking her sweet time. He hoped she hadn't pulled another of her vanishing acts again...
          "Are you comfy, my dear?" purred a silky voice behind him. Speed's eyes popped open, and he spun around.
          "Wha--? Who are you? What's going on?" he yelled, while he tried to get his bearings. He seemed to be in a crystal cylinder on top of a platform in some goon's hideout. Of course, this was no goon talking to him. A sultry woman in purple robes (cut revealingly) stood nearby, smiling wickedly at him.
          "Why, Speed, darling, don't you recognize me? After all, it hasn't been that long since you last saw me."
          She raised an eyebrow. "Or perhaps it's the voice?" she continued in a higher octave.
          Speed's jaw dropped. "Trixie? But, but, how, why, what...?"
          "I believe you left out 'where and when'," she commented dryly. "But yes, I am the girl you dumped at the racetrack that day. Though you may now address me as the Queen of the Crown."
          Then her smile narrowed evily. "For as long as you have the power of speech, that is. It may have happened a century ago, but I haven't forgotten how you left me for that Carmen slut. Really, Speed, you could have done much better. A bimbo in red who spends half her time vanishing mysteriously? Even Chim-Chim would have been a better choice."
          "Hey! You can't talk about Carmen that way!"
          "Ah, but I can do anything I want, my love. Including this!" She flouished a small metal cube.
          Speed was mystified. "I don't get it."
          "This," she gloated, "is your Mach 5. I decided to keep it as a paperweight."
          "You fiend! How could you?" Speed was nearly sobbing.
          "You always did like that car better than me." Trixie, uh, the Queen, tossed the cube over her shoulder. "But no matter. After all this time, I have you. And I will have my REVENGE!"
          "What are you going to do?"
          "What do you think?"
          Speed resisted the urge to cover his valuables. Somehow, he would get out of this. He always found a way...
          "Not this time, my dear Speed Racer." The Queen glided over, and pulled a lever. The chamber filled with an unholy red light. Speed found himself screaming like a girl.
          "Now, you will be mine. Forever."
          And Speed Racer collapsed to the floor, a white specter taking his place. The chamber opened.
          The slaverlord drifted over to it's Queen, and bowed. The Queen nodded regally.
          "You will be my most powerful slaverlord. At least, until I get my hands on those accursed Galaxy Rangers. Speaking of which..." She touched the intercom. "Seven-Zero, is the dreadnought ready?"
          "Yes, my Queen."
          "Good. I'm sending my top slaverlord to command. And you had better not fail me this time!"
          "As you command, my Queen."
          She turned back to the slaverlord. "Go and conquer Earth, my creation."
          It drifted away. Behind it, the Queen sang out, "Go, Speed Racer, Go!"

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