October 7th.2018


October 7.2018

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32 Years

Check out the Twitter post last month that marked the 32nd anniversary of the airing of the show! There's a combo pilot video\music mash-up to celebrate the occasion.

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Creator Updates

Larry Rosenthal

Dan & John's nod to the Marx Brother's stateroom scene as drawn by Larry

After a Twitter exchange that came after I posted a picture of the stateroom scene from Murder on the Andorian Express, it ends up Larry Rosenthal had the hands that drew that one. Who? There's no Rosenthal in the show credits... right? Larry tweeted a link to his site and the question was answered on why not. CTRL+F for Rangers and read about it.

We have Larry included on the show credits page!

Dennis Woodyard

Series storyboard artist Dennis Woodyard has a couple of sites, mostly showcasing his work on Thundercats and his interests in music:

Judy Elliot Brown

Finally, we found a little mention off Judy Elliot Brown's involvement in the show in a snippet that reads "has worked on several Grammy nominated albums and was a sound engineer for a Sci-Fi cartoon show."

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Series 6 Podcast

Upcoming Podcast Featuring The Ax

Since the last update, the Series 6 Podcast has put out two episodes: Ep 14 - Progress and Ep 15 - Queen's Lair. Be sure to check out Episode 15 to hear #OperationLongshot, where we delivered fan submitted recordings to the RD & Jay in appreciation of completing year one. Not only do we hear a few fellow podcasters in the mix, we were able to include surprise recordings from Galaxy Rangers writers Dan Fiorella and Lance Strate!

Rumor has it that there will be a guest writer on the next podcast episode when they review The Ax.

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In the About the Series article, we learned about the background of the toys of the series and to this day they are somewhat elusive to find, occasionally popping on eBay as things do. Pulling from sources of material such as GRCD1 and EBay, we've started uploading pictures of some of the series toys. You can see those here. If you happen to have a Galaxy Ranger figure of your own and have the ability to take some quality reference pictures, we'd welcome them on the site.

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I've started logging back into the IRC server during the week (8-4:30 EST), I'm at work but I keep an eye out. On the late evenings you might catch Bruinhilda! Connection info here should be accurate (if not, let me know): IRC

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Sites in the Empty Zone

It pains me to see sites fall off the Internet and recently The Guild’s Ranger Page slipped into the Empty Zone. Unfortunately the site doesn't appear to have been parsed by and only parts remain there.

I didn't dig too deeply into Earthlink\Mindspring\Windstream acquisitions, but not only does the whole subdomain now resolve to EarthLink's website, EarthLink started charging EL's customers to keep their email addresses in 2017. One can expect they are trimming the virtual fat.

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Under the Hood

Those URL brackets bug me, however the templates fail if the default single brackets are used with URLs. It's almost like they don't escape properly.

Update: I may have found a way to handle this. -RabbiBob (talk) 16:13, 17 November 2018 (EST)