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Dec 29.2017 - David Rosler, News Archive Stuff, Crystal Structures

David Rosler

David has a project over at that is looking to crowd source the funding.

240 miles above the surface of the earth, the International Space Station has been sabotaged to further disable all U.S. space operations.

Down below, World War III has just begun.

Be sure to check out the movie trailers that are in 2D and 3D (one of David's many specialties)!

News Archive Stuff

BM1.0 Icon RecycleEmpty.gif I was importing old news posts to the site this morning and realized that I had used character icons for bullet points. I took some time to recreate those to use with the old posts in order to keep the feel of the old site alive.

They throw the formatting off a little, but maybe I'll continue to use them going forward. Here they all are:

BM1.0 Icon RecycleEmpty.gif GV
BM1.0 Icon Normalcursor.gif Tweeker
BM1.0 Icon Goose.gif Goose
BM1.0 QBall Icon.gif QBall
BM1.0 Icon Full.gif Elma
BM1.0 Icon My Computer.gif Badge

Crystal Structures

After 15+ years in the making, AKK posted to the mailing list this past week that her fan-fic Crystal Structures is complete! Congratulations Ann-Kathrin!

Note: AKK is updating her website and as soon as she unveils the site, I'll update all the links accordingly.

Dec 18.2017 - Old vs New

Importing some things from the original GR CD 1 (more on that later), and I came across a stitch that someone else (CGfWiG I assume) did from the episode One Million Emotions.

Stitches-Earth and moon and rubbish.jpg

Without remembering that it existed, I recently did the same stitch.

OneMillionEmotions 01000000 stitch.jpg

That first one was done with the tried and true vidcap, presumably off of VHS. Pretty amazing how far things have come!

The Series 6 Podcast

Wait... there is something NEW to report about Galaxy Rangers? THERE IS!


Debuting in June of 2017, the Series 6 Podcast appears with RD_Blade and Jay vowing to review each and every episode of the series!

Check out the link here and make sure to follow them on Twitter @Galaxy_Rangers!

Dec 16.2017 - Really Old Content, Ranger-L, Site Navigation

Started making the landing pages for all of the episode and character pages. There's a lot of old content to pull over into this site. To compound things, I got back on Ranger-L and got back in contact with some of the 'ol regulars (I didn't say "old"), which was great. That spawned the import of Fan Fiction ("Fanfic"), something I never got around to doing before. Please note that I'm importing things in a raw fashion and marking for cleanup at another time.

I fixed the upload bug and then started editing the skin css. I haven't figured out where all of the font coloring is held, so for now it'll look like this.

Zach and Zach Jr. at the helm in the episode Phoenix

Dec 14.2017 - Updates, Rebuilds, Contemplation


I've wanted a site for awhile that had good cross-reference ability and I have some history with MediaWiki. This past week I built a temporary server, moved everything to it, tested out the basic setups, got SSL working via CertBot, cleaned up some very badly handled apache configurations, then rebuilt the original server, migrated everything back, then started installing MediaWiki. I haven't done this for awhile and it is always interesting to see what has changed for install procedures, packages, etc.

My first test article was The Ballad Of Ol' Roy and after that I've been working on migrating the old news posts and figuring out what skin I want to use. Mobile sites weren't an issue back in the day!

I've been looking around The Wayback Machine and noting all the sites that have gone by the wayside. There's a lot of content (series, fanfic, etc) that I am debating on importing into this site. I'll look for some feedback on this and if it happens, I'll memorialize the source.

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