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Thursday December 2, 1999

Christmas has hit the GR Mailing list! (See what you're missing??)

On the Twelfth day of Christmas, Commander Walsh gave to me: 

Twelve Goosemans Goosing,
Eleven Blasters blasting,
Ten Plagos bumbling,
Nine Kiwis dancing,
Eight Spy Droids,
Seven Black Hole bandits,
Six Melliepoo's!,
Five Evil Queens,
Four shining badges,
Three data discs,
Two robosteeds and a Bubblehead in a pear tree...

Luckily, no Wheiners whining...

Taking a break for awhile and Bruinhilda will be taking over at the helm here on the site! Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from the Rabbi

The Java IRC interface defective. The CGI-IRC interface is plagued by PIXEL, but works 75% of the time.

Thursday November 18, 1999

Working on the mIRC section this week.

The Java IRC interface is installed The CGI-IRC interface is plagued by PIXEL.

Monday November 8, 1999

Designing continues. Slogans are pitched at random (and wildly)

  • BetaMountain.Org - The Psychocrypt-Refugee Camp
  • BetaMountain.Org - The animation continues.
  • BetaMountain.Org - Where you can get seesick and airsick at the same time.
  • BetaMountain.Org - "No Guts, No Glory": It's Not Just a Slogan, It's a Philosophy
  • BetaMountain.Org - We Put the E Back in ET
  • BetaMountain.Org - Galaxy Rangers Cheerfully Tormented Here
  • BetaMountain.Org - The Adventure Continues
  • BetaMountain.Org - B All You Can B (substitute greek beta characters for B)
  • BetaMountain.Org - Where you get SuperTrooperJuice instead of simple lemonade!
  • BetaMountain.Org - "No Wheiner's Allowed!"
  • BetaMountain.Org - See the Six Foot tall Chicken...and his pet monkey!
  • BetaMountain.Org - Four Rangers, Two Ambassadors, and a Butt kickin' Spaceship!
  • BetaMountain.Org - Here to prove that Space is not necessarily the Final Frontier
  • BetaMountain.Org - Rangers Are Forever!
  • BetaMountain.Org - Galaxy Rangers. The last best hope for after school television.
  • BetaMountain.Org - "Oh my GOD! They have Niko and Goose HAVING SEX!" <click here to access the FAN FICTION archives> ^_^

The Beginning thru November 7, 1999

  • 10/12/99: ~betamountain becomes reality
  • 10/13/99: The teaser page is announced to the list & planning begins
  • 10/14/99: Design talks & registration fundraiser underway
  • 10/29/99: Registration fundraiser complete!
  • 11/03/99: Network Solutions contacted for registration
  • 11/06/99: WWW.BETAMOUNTAIN.ORG opens
  • Designing and structure is underway!