June 8.2019


June 8.2019

It's been a little while since the last update. Someone thought it would be a good idea to take an accelerated 7 week course of "Rhetoric and Composition" just before a major trip and guess what? It apparently, just like this site, requires a lot of writing (typing) and time!

Series 6 Podcast

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The Series 6 Podcast put a new podcast recently with a look (listen?) behind the scenes as the how the sausage gets dropped, rolled around on the floor, and finally made. Check the Longshot episode here.

I threw together a little video based on the "Brazilian Art Thieves" portion of the episode. It stirs up my thoughts on Pinterest which I should get out in the open some day soon as it is holding me up from doing a lot of things here, but it isn't as bad as having your artwork end up on for sale bootleg DVDs.

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Propiolic Acid Anhydride

While looking up a reference picture, I came across the mention of C6H2O3 in Birds of a Feather, which ends up being the formula to create a Super Plago. I went down a rabbit hole and AKK helped be back out of it. Check that out on the [forums].

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Creator Updates

Dan Fiorella

Dan has a run of "Adventures in Hardly-wood" stories on his blog that I've been reading and having fun time with. Curious what happens when you answer a Craigs List “Seeking Comedy Writer for major studio venture” ad? Then read on![1]

Finally, this needs somehow become a t-shirt, or the basis for the truest of Hallmark cards:

Here's the thing, I'm like the king of apathy, with a default setting of "annoyed." - Dan Fiorella[2]

Lance Strate

Lance is back to blogging and has put up My Take On Game of Thrones this past week. This is his take, not mine, though I'm not disagreement. There are a lot of great references in this article.

One note: I'd like to leave Elric of Melniboné right there on paper and in my head while I tell everyone to get off my lawn.

Larry Rosenthal

Larry provided some background on Miller's Glove from Birds of a Feather and One Million Emotions and you can read that here. (Thank you Larry)

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  • Always great to see I had a blatant spelling mistake from the last update: We have quote a few postings in this area this month! Good thing I'm not a writer.
  • Speaking of which, back to homework.

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Goose and Triton on Granna
Episode 19 - Scarecrow

  1. At the time of posting there wasn't a category grouping on Dan's blog that I could see, so I've listed them in order as I've found them. There may be more over time, be sure to check his blog for more.
  2. Christian the Poet