Dec 3.2019: Two Years, Twenty Years, Who Is Counting?


December 3.2019

Two Years, Twenty Years, Who Is Counting?

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Twenty Years

Last month marked 20 years since first hit the web! Below are some of the slogans that were tossed about the Ranger-L mailing list. Yes, we were a silly bunch!

  • BetaMountain.Org - The Psychocrypt-Refugee Camp
  • BetaMountain.Org - The animation continues.
  • BetaMountain.Org - Where you can get seasick and airsick at the same time.
  • BetaMountain.Org - "No Guts, No Glory": It's Not Just a Slogan, It's a Philosophy
  • BetaMountain.Org - We Put the E Back in ET
  • BetaMountain.Org - Galaxy Rangers Cheerfully Tormented Here
  • BetaMountain.Org - The Adventure Continues
  • BetaMountain.Org - β All You Can β
  • BetaMountain.Org - Where you get Super Trooper Juice instead of simple lemonade!
  • BetaMountain.Org - "No Wheiner's Allowed!"
  • BetaMountain.Org - See the Six Foot tall Chicken...and his pet monkey!
  • BetaMountain.Org - Four Rangers, Two Ambassadors, and a Butt kickin' Spaceship!
  • BetaMountain.Org - Here to prove that Space is not necessarily the Final Frontier
  • BetaMountain.Org - Rangers Are Forever!
  • BetaMountain.Org - Galaxy Rangers. The last best hope for after school television.
  • BetaMountain.Org - "Oh my GOD! They have Niko and Goose HAVING SEX!" <click here to access the FAN FICTION archives> ^_^

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Two Years

Two years have passed since we got the site back, which involved a bit of timing, a random conversation on Twitter and the love of the show carried by one @Marienro2 (you can read all that here). A lot has happened in the last 24 months, both on the site and real life, and we are happily plodding along making updates as we can. Marienro2 has been instrumental in cataloging the Fanfic that we've been able to locate on the web. Bringing together the 500+ list of stories where some stories are still active on sites (looking at you AKK!), some have been lost yet saved at, and where some exist on Fanfic & Ao3, and cataloging appearances has been no easy task. Ever wonder what Fanfic Larry has appeared in? If so, that is part of the ongoing cataloging!

For all of the creators that keep in touch and the fans that drop by: Thank you!

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Custom Figures

For this anniversary we are showcasing a thing that comes out of the fan space and who better to provide that thing than @Marienro2?! She has taken her Galaxy Rangers interest to the custom figure space and was nice enough to send us a write up of her journey. Check out Making Custom Galaxy Rangers Figures and see how this and other figures came about! Thank you @Marienro2!

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Winter is Here

Blender Model

Snow hits, winter is here. Maybe not Dan Fiorella Winter in NYC winter, but snow has hit (work is delayed\cancelled right now in our region) and that means time for indoor projects.

We purchased a 3D printer and have been having a lot of fun printing out things and learning how to design things. Sites and programs such as Thingiverse, Tinkercad, Blender, Cura, and others have filled up the hard drive with different random objects for weeks. And then I found a model that has taken up the better part of the last week of evenings. While I liked the blank figure as a template, it needed something more and as you can see in the thumbnail, my updated version has pose-able arms and a swivel head. When I'm happy with that model, I plan to upload it to Thingiverse to give back to the community. I can't tell you what I'm doing with it, but I will say that the test model head is almost complete. More to come!


I took a class early this summer for writing and I posted my final essay titled "Why Do Children Have To Watch Their Childhood Heroes Die?" on my website. Series writer Lance Strate lent some words for it and thankfully it graded well. Thank you Lance!