August 25.2019


August 25.2019

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Hasbro and Entertainment One

Peppa Pig... I just learned of Peppa's existence on the trip (see next section), it is completely out of my scope of attention. I heard recently that Hasbro paid out $4 billion dollars and that Peppa Pig was part of the purchase deal. First, what is it with $4 billion these days? Disney bought Lucasfilm for $4 billion. Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion.

I completely glossed over any other detail of the transaction until MaryNiko pointed out that it was Entertainment One that was purchased. You can read that and some of my earlier research on essentially "what became of Koch?" here in the [forums]. The Market Watch headline read Hasbro gets Peppa Pig, and lots more, with $4 billion Entertainment One acquisition and you might be wondering why does this matter? That gem is found in Canadian Media Producers Association's ongoing list of Signatory Producers link, which gets updated online from time to time. Within that documentation of CMPA (formerly CFTPA) Signatory Producers 2015 to 2017 (extended to June 30, 2019) Animation up to April 9, 2019) is found an interesting one liner:

Entertainment One Television Productions Ltd for "Galaxy Rangers"

What's next? Toys? A reboot? Should Grant Gould brush off some of that concept art?

Unfortunately that's all I can scrape up for now with a search engine. If you know more, join the discussion in the [forums] or message me on the Twitters via @betamountain!

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Anniversary #20

Still alive, having a great busy summer. For our 20th wedding anniversary, we took a trip to Scotland with the kids to visit friends and family across the pond. Had a wonderful time in Edinburgh, Glasgow and finished up the travels in London where we caught the West End production of Hamilton!

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That stitch of 15+ photos of Glen Coe Scotland prints at 12"x48"+ and I'm debating on creating a triptych of it. Such a beautiful place!

Site updates came to a screeching halt as I've been taking some time to do some house projects while the weather is good, plus I'm debating on how to handle media uploads in the face of a certain site that begins with the letter "P". I should write about that someday as it really takes the air out of my tires.

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  • Found Mel C. Horse earlier this summer! (Ranger-L subscribers know of whom I type!)
  • Changed the current banner due to a Twitter mention of the Bovo Cattle. (image link for future ref)
  • Friend of the site Maria has been crafting custom Galaxy Rangers figures! See the work below! (Maybe we can convince her to write about how these were done!?)
  • I really have nowhere in the house to record and with the help of my son, we are building a space in the attic, making a custom desk, and putting some recording gear up there. We put down the floor yesterday and measured for the desk and after all was done for the day, I put my amp up and played a little guitar. With respect (and apologies) to Myles Hunter, here is a cover snippet of Psychocrystal
  • A "quick" update apparently takes about 30 minutes to do. Or long if you find typos in the re-read.